Allow your Inner Guidance to lead you . . . as you discover the 
Terrestrial Realm of this pristine, majestic, sacred Retreat. 
You are invited to go within . . .

Journey into the Sacred Temple . . . which is both inner and outer.
First . . . make sure that you are seated comfortably. Let your body relax . . .
Take a deep breath . . . hold it . . . then exhale to the sound of "aaahh!" 

Let your body tension dissolve. Let the mind clear 
. . . Release all concerns of the day. 

Take another deep breath . . . hold it . . . then exhale to the sound of "aaahh!"  . . . 
Feel your body letting go through the sound "aaahh!"
Take another deep breath ... hold it ... and relax ... "aaahh!"

Continue to do this until you feel a little heady.
Now . . . let your breath become soft . . . .  Feel yourself floating gently into the Temple. 
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Peak of Initiation  (Yoho Valley / Emerald Lake)   Crystalline Matrix of the Christos   (Athabasca Glacier)

Beacon of the Archangelic Ray  (Mt. Assiniboine)    Essence of Love   (Lake Oesa)

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Amid the majesty of the Canadian Rockies, nestled in pristine valleys of emerald green waters and lush verdant forest, is Gaia's *reflection* of the magnificent
Temple of Illumined Faith and Protection
the Sacred Realm of the Sapphire Blue Ray.
The ART of 
Jonathon Earl Bowser
Temple "Landscapes"
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ANGELIC VISITATIONS ~ Personal Angelic Experiences

Mari Sue Baga     Bernie & Sue Cook     Lydia Beckstead      Tyberonn

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"A Suite For Pythagorean Tuning Forks"
by Dr. John Beaulieu
"The Angelic Conversations series is something that is always ongoing with me. This is why I called it "conversation" which means a moment of dialogue with the Angels. The intervals of the upper overtone series were called "the stairway to heaven" and I have used them for many years as focal points for Angelic Conversations. They are archetypes that have been used by many before me to dialogue with beings of great light."    Dr. John Beaulieu  
Reading the information about the Temple with Angelic Conversations playing in the background, is an absolutely *divine* experience! Enjoy!
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