... the EAGLE and the CONDOR
Metatron & Shekinah Ushering in the Era of Peace
Golden, BC
at Split Creek
in the Blaeberry Valley
June 17th-21st
"Many are chosen, but few choose!"  -  Archangel Mikael

Interspersed with this journal of our events, you will find a series of photo album links which further describe some of our story in picture form. These albums are best viewed as slideshows, full screen. To return to this webpage, you will have to Click on the Back button on your browser. Enjoy the journey!

Our group of 10 set up camp on Tuesday, June 17th. Our agenda for the four days was to focus physically on Day I (June 18th) ~~ mentally on Day II ~~ emotionally on Day III, and spiritually on Day IV (Solstice). We were all fired up and raring 
to go! 

The Shekinah was with us all week long. She made Her Presence known early on. Someone mentioned that 'YAMS had kept her alive for years'. That did it! Elaya was struck with uncontrollable laughter, and it went on for hours. What ensued was the slogan, "I  YAM  THAT  I  YAM !" From that moment on bouts of laughter came over us in spontaneous waves like clockwork. Shekinah was having fun with us! After all, this was Her territory. We were gathered in the 'Feminine Aspect' (north arm) of the StarGrid in Archangel Mikael's Temple of Illumined Faith & Protection. None of us had laughed so hard in years. It made our ribs ache! 

The pristine perfection of this location is not only that the Feminine is so present in the Blaeberry Valley. It is also that ... back in 1989, as Elaya prepared to place the raw rose quartz, (Mother Stone) into the ground high in Howse Pass at the top of the valley, her friend Seamas stopped her by exclaiming, "Wait!" She looked up from her crouched position wondering why. Seamas was handing her his treasured clear quartz point ... his personal sacred crystal of many years. Knowing full well that parting with this precious stone was not easy for him, Elaya asked, "Are you sure?" Seamas replied, "Yes! The quartz point must go in first, to act as a receiver for the Mother Stone." Such a gift! ... Such a gift!!! And so the Metatron frequency was introduced into this area as well ... as a steward of the Feminine. How absolutely divine!
The Hokey Pokey? ... NO! 

Our daily activities went well, and everyone was enthusiastic and full of energy.
Each morning we met in the Sanctuary tent.

Day I - Physical Focus
Following orientation, we created Sanctuary by placing our Sacred Objects on the rug provided. Everyone found their favored corner and we began with a meditation, followed by introductions and sharing of ourselves. The program for the week was discussed, and information packets were passed out. In the afternoon, we walked up the road from our campsite where a lane led us down to the river. Here we each searched for two stones that called to us. 

One was to remain in our position in the Gate of Grace, while the other, we would take home as a keepsake. The day ended with a campfire circle, allowing us to explore our relationships and connect deeper with our surroundings.
DAY IV - SOLSTICE - June 21st - Spiritual Focus 
A Beautiful SUNNY Morning!

Before the Sun cleared to mountain top, we placed our bowls out on the grass and filled them with red wine, in preparation for our Last Baptism. We remained in silence ... meditating and contemplating, while fasting until 1:00pm ... 12:00 noon Sun Time. Finally, it was time for the Cleansing! The wine was tepid ... perfect actually. We thoroughly washed our limbs while our Consciousness expanded into a state of non-time.

Later, each one reported a very profound, sensuous experience of washing the 'red' wine on our limbs. The wine was silken and the colour reminded us of all the blood that had been shed, in pain and suffering on this sweet Earth ... for so many eons. Indeed, so long ... that we have forgotten the Eden State that is our birthright and heritage. The healing was powerful as well as thorough. It moved each of us deeply, and it is safe to say that it changed us forever.

That afternoon, our Yellow Soul Ray said that she had never been baptized, and we realized how wonderful it must be, to be the one to baptize yourself ... a pure celebration between you and the ONE.
At 1:30pm, we broke our morning fast. We then gathered in the Sanctuary for the Eden Event meditation by Joseph Giove. Powerful! We intended to repeat it while in the Gate of Grace ... which we did. Following the meditation, most were left to have contemplative time in preparation for the evening to follow, while Elaya and others completed the setting of the Gate of Grace Formation. They placed torches around the formation, built the fire, ready to ignite. Colour penants were set in the ground at each position. Flower petals were scattered within the formation along with crystal sand from an ancient 'Mother' volcano. A bowl, towel and pitcher were placed at the entrance to the area, and finally the stones were set on the wooden pedestals, built for that purpose. All was in readiness!

At 7:30pm, Elaya began 'washing the feet of the Masters', before they filed barefoot, into their allocated positions in the formation. We all felt quite overwhelmed when the two extra Masters who's Soul Rays were Violet and Green, settled in ... North and South ... and we had a perfectly symetrical Gate of Grace. It was apparent that this Gathering, which was called in by Archangel Mikael, was truly divinely orchestrated. 

We were all in position at 8:00pm, and felt very connected with West Yellowstone and all the satellite formations around the world. Following the initial meditation which blessed the Gathering space and opened to our Spirit Guides, we asked for JOY to fill us and stated the World Intent. Elaya then declared that we were open to the Sacred Union of the Metatron and the Shekinah ... the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine ... as we chose to enter the Era of Peace through our group and the world. We then repeated the Eden Event Meditation followe by silence.

It didn't take long for the Shekinah to announce Her arrival by nudging us into gales of laughter. Elaya noticed that White Wolf was trying very hard to contain her laughter, and that set her off as well. Then everyone jumped in, laughing so hard that our ribs hurt. Even tiny incidents seemed particularly funny and more laughter ensued. The laughter continued until Elaya closed the roaring meditation at 10:00pm. We took some photos with the representatives of the churches in their position in the Gate of Grace.

A soft rain began to fall after we left the formation. The evening ended with a campfire, sharingsand chanting ... while some returned to the formation ... seeking to photograph orbs. Please check the following album for the phenomenal results.
Day II - Mental Focus
Following our morning meditation, we introduced the circle to the teachings; Book of Blessings, Book of Deeds and Book of Giving. Those who had read the books, "On The Wings of Heaven" and "The Masters Return",  shared their favourite passages with the circle. The recent visitations were read aloud, and a discussion regarding the Cleansing Ceremony and the Gate of Grace ensued. The concept of the Circle of Sevens was introduced and all were very committed and focused on following the teaching ... "Teach only Love!"

At this time, one of our participants declared that she wasn't sure if she was a purple or a violet soul ray. The subject was opened up to the group. Many participants related how difficult it had been to fully understand which Soul Ray was theirs. As a group, we worked with our querent and then it was left to her to move into her 'knowing' regarding her colour ray. 

Later that day, she told Elaya that she still didn't know for sure. Elaya suggested that she focus on the complimentary Soul Ray colours of purple and violet ... their virtues and traps, stating that this might help to determine her own. That evening, she shared with Elaya that she "knew" she was a Purple Soul Ray. This brought tears to Elaya's eyes, as there was only one colour ray missing in our formation ... PURPLE!

The day ended around the fire, eating 'campfire' popcorn, and sharing good conversation ... and finally chanting OM with overtones. The *magic* of the Gathering was really beginning to make itself known, and the group was harmonizing beautifully.
Day III - Emotional Focus
The morning began with our meditation, followed by Elaya asking our newly realized *Purple* Soul Ray if she had anything to share. She promptly announced that she carried the Purple Soul Ray vibration. Everyone was ecstatic to learn that we had a complete Circle of Sevens in our small group. What were the odds of that happening in a group of 10? We shed tears of *Joy*. And so began our day ... focused on our emotions. 

When Joseph's prayer, (as we've come to call it, page 139 - The Masters Return) was read, many tears were shed. We later shared the visitation entitled the "Holy of Holies", which is what Archangel Mikael has named the Centre of the Temple - the Giant Steps in Paradise Valley, Banff National Park.

That afternoon, we drummed and danced the DANCE in ONENESS to the CD sounds of the GrandMother Drum. We were truly ONE in Harmony with the Nature that surrounded us. It was then that we decided to dance the "hokey pokey", which filled us with joy and laughter. (Seepics) We searched for and found our Blessing Tree ... a tall standing ONE that we can visit and call our own. We OM'ed again with overtones, not realizing at the time that sounding the over'TONE was part of another Solstice gathering(s). In hindsight, we understand the great Divine HARMONIC set in motion on SOLSTICE 2008 through the many faceted gatherings taking place. The evening included a smorgasborg as our ice was getting low and we wanted to consume our perishables. We had planned to eat lightly on the Solstice to allow the highest experience possible for that day. Popcorn by the fire and flute music to enhance the experience of Oneness that was now permeating everything we did. It was 'early to bed' that evening ....

This album is full of wonderful pics of the *fun* we had together. It was the perfect time to get acquainted, share our deep experiences, and play together ... i.e., we practiced and photographed the entire group doing the "hokey pokey".  There was infectious laughter as we bonded ever more deeply ... a fun-loving, spirit 'family'.
This photo album will take you into our Sanctuary, where we gathered twice and sometimes 3 times a day, to process the information given by the Celestials and move deeper into the teachings. We opened to receive the Peace ... at all levels. 

This Ceremony exceeded all expectations. It was a profound, focused, deeply healing time. We did not photograph the actual 'Cleansing', but we feel that the many photographs taking during some of our contemplative time will help express this moving experience.

The last photo album depicts both the phenomena digitally captured at the site of the Gate of Grace following our Global Link-Up and back at our campsite. 
The weather forecast was for clear and warm days ... and while this was the case in the Town of Golden ... just 40 minutes away, it certainly was not what transpired at Split Creek. The first few days we felt like we were really being tested as not only was it rainy, but chilly as well. We laughed and said, "Nothing can stop us ... no matter what the weather throws our way." And ... we didn't let it. There were some beautiful, warm sunny periods, but the rain was persistent. We wondered what the 21st would bring for our Cleansing Ceremony first thing in the morning. Would there be sunshine to warm the wine? And what about the Star Formation (Gate of Grace) in the evening. 

Our first photo album introduces our wilderness campsite. Enjoy the scenery through our eyes and the photos we were drawn to take!

Everyone was invited to find 2 Sacred Stones that called to them. One was to leave in the Gate of Grace formation and the other to take home. On the Friday, we also looked for our Blessing Tree. Here are some photos to tell these stories.

Photos of the Gate of Grace were taken prior to and following the actual time spent in focused meditation. The formation was held active between 8pm and 10pm that evening.
 The Gathering of One
2008 'Temple' Eden Event
 The Gathering of One
2008 'Temple' Eden Event