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To initiate Angelic Visitations, we have an amazing story, which includes an inspired painting.
Sometime ago, in 1987, I woke up in the middle of the night to find a "being of light" standing next to my bed. As I looked at this "being", he extended his hand towards me, giving me a gift which appeared to be an orange.

I wasn't frightened at all, and I had the feeling that I knew this light filled messenger. I reached out to accept this gift and upon placing it into my hand, it suddenly began to glow as if it was filled with a light of its own. Just like the petals of a flower, it began to open transforming itself into a lotus blossom.

I suddenly felt as if I had come right out of my body and the most amazing feeling of pure love and joy came over me. In fact, I had such a smile on my face, I thought that if anyone would see me, they would think I looked like a "cheshire cat". I remember thinking to myself "this must be what heaven is like, and if this is it, I'm staying!". Then, with a thud, I found myself back in my body. It felt so heavy and dense, but I was really excited to have had the experience. 

At that time, I was teaching oil painting to adults, and the following day, during class, I shared my experience with them (I was really excited about it). One person described it as a "religious experience" and another exclaimed that I must be a witch. I was quite confused with these responses, because I didn't consider this to have anything to do with religion, and I was disappointed. I couldn't understand why the other lady would think that I was a witch. After all, I hadn't "conjured up" the whole event! I decided not to tell anyone else about it, and filed it somewhere in the back of my mind. 

In July, 1995, I went to visit my niece, whose father had died the year before. Shortly after he passed away, she had felt his presence, and because of that, she began reading many books and had several video tapes on the subject of "near death experiences". One of the books that caught my attention was "Embraced by the Light" by Betty Jane Eadie. This was a true story about a woman who had experienced death for over twenty minutes, and came back to life to tell her story. Her description of God and Heaven was so beautiful and amazing that, after reading her book, I just wanted to die! 

In her book, Betty Jane mentions that each of us has a special mission in life, no matter what it is, it was important. Even if we are a bum on the street, our mission could be to remind a particular person "to give". I watched several of the tapes, as well, and some of the people in these shows were healers. I had never known that anyone could heal another through their hands, and I thought it would be wonderful to be able to do this. 

I decided to look for my "mission" in life, and upon returning home, I went to a local bookstore searching for a book on healing. I found several, and was just about to pay for them, when I noticed a sign that said "Newly Released Books". I went over to see what was there, and found a book called "Angels and Oranges" written by a woman from Vancouver Island, called Erin Caldwell. 

I suddenly remembered my experience I had in 1987 with the gift of the "Orange". Even though she used the word Angels, instead of "Being of Light", I was still shocked and amazed, and chose this book instead of the others. It turned out that in 1987, the author, Erin Caldwell, had began receiving messages, but it wasn't until the month before, in June, 1995 that the book had been published. 

When I got home, I read the book over and over, and for some reason I felt that the messages were specifically for me. It seemed that the messages triggered something inside of me. After about a week, I began having very strange experiences. Hebrew flaming letters, Egyptian symbols, geometrical shapes and colours began pulsating into my third eye. I recognized them because I come from a Jewish background, and although I am not religious, I remember thinking to myself "Oh no, God is talking to me, and I can't remember my Hebrew". 

I was so excited during that time, and felt the desire to start painting once again. I began with my first experience of the angel and the orange. While the paiting you see was done in oils, I first painted a small rendering of it in watercolour. If you are not familiar with water colour painting, you begin by using something called "gum arabic" which is painted on all the areas that you want white. When you finish the painting, you carefully scrape the gum away to reveal the light areas. I decided that I would have myself coming out of the flower, and depict the "being of light" as an angel. The pillared archway signifies the passage from earth to the temple of heaven. The Hebrew flaming letters, spell the word "shalom" which means peace. 

When I began to scrape off the "gum arabic" around the head of the angel, I suddenly began to feel like I recognized this angel. I imagined a crown of two doves. I thought this strange, because I didn't know anything about angels, but suddenly the name "Archangel Michael" came into my head. I had never heard of this Angel or any angel for that matter, and so I began asking everyone, and looking in the bible to find out if there was an angel by this name. Eventually I found a man who had a kiosk in the local mall. He was a key maker, but had statues of angels all over his kiosk. I asked him if he had ever heard of Archangel Michael, and he said "Of course, He is the Prince of the Angels and the Protector of the Universe". 

You can't imagine how excited and dismayed I was to discover this. I learned that his name in Hebrew means "Who is as God". That was how I was intruduced to Michael. Shortly afterwards, I had an experience where I came out of my body, and Michael came and met me, we travelled very far into the cosmos. As Michael came to meet me, I greeted him. He said to me "How did you know it was me?" I recall saying "Oh Michael I would recognize you anywhere!"........... and that is how this painting came about. 

Wishing you love and light, Namaste, 
Mari Sue Baga (Rosaline Temple)

©Copyright 2006 - Mari Sue Baga
Mari Sue's Story
Painting by Mari Sue Baga
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