"Beauty, love, peace and gratitude at exponential levels. Words could never describe 
the experiences that we had. May these sensations never leave our memory and may 
they always stay with us 
from now on. Profound! 
We are blessed." 
 - Bernie & Sue Cook, Calgary, AB
Message from Bernie & Sue Cook . . . .

Thank you Mikah for the website that you have put up. I thank Lord Mikael and Lady Faith for working with my Over Soul on this amazing experience. 

Please let me know if we may be of assistance in the future. We are currently spreading the word about this magical place to others who are closer to our level of consciousness. Reports that I have received about other people's experience at the Labyrinth are quite interesting. 

I must express, to those that wish to journey the Labyrinth, that your intention must be pure while entering the Labyrinth. I suggest you get a clear idea of your intention the night before, meditate and send your intention to the Labyrinth. Enter it with unconditional love for all of humanity and yourself. Be neutral to the outcome. Detatch yourself from all emotion and expectation and just BE. 

My intention, as an example, was to know how Sue and I could best be of service to advancing the evolution of man-kind to expedite the current change in global consciousness. The answers we received from Lord Mikael and Lady Faith I will hold sacred for now until the time is right to share it. Suffice it to say, we don't believe it will take long due to divine intervention on this gift. We are definitely in a quickening! So, have pure intent and park your greed and self interests at the curb. 

You can however ask what you need for yourself to evolve. That is for the highest good of all humanity. You cannot help but affect others when you evolve. It is impossible. Enjoy your journey(s) through the Labyrinth. We are sure that one experience will NOT be enough (Ha Ha!). May Lord Mikael and Lady Faith guide you through a perfect journey through the Labyrinth - every time. 

With Love and Blessings,
Bernie & Sue Cook
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Bernie & Sue Cook's Story
at the Labyrinth Sacred Site
'Gathering Place of Praise & Celebration'
Sapphire Blue Ray Captured on Camera
Angelic Orb appears again in front of Sue and friend, Lubo
Below: A photo of myself thanking Lord Mikael and my Over Soul for the profound experiences I had on my Labyrinth journey.

"You will notice a spiritual presence above the bush in front of me that was present for the overwhelming love and gratitude I felt while in the center meditating. My body shuddered and convulsed uncontrollably as I wept with the sensations coursing through me. I am so grateful for this experience and look forward to my next visit. Just a side note 
on this picture - I have 5 or 6 pictures with this entity following me while I walked the Labyrinth."   - Bernie Cook

Essence of Spirit Being visible on Bernie's right above the central tree
Faith & Mikael
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