Angelic Presence Revealed
Photo No. 1 - Showing the "Twin Flames" coming down from the Beehive portal 
(rounded rock formation directly above the 'lights'). 
The tower of the Chateau Lake Louise can be seen on the right.
Deer Lodge, showing the Tower window peeking from the snow on the turret.
The photos were taken from this window.
Unfortunately, this window was later removed when 
the lodge was renovated.
Photo No. 2 - "Twin Flames" are lower and side by side, immediately left of the Chateau tower. 
Viewing the photos together clearly shows the progressed movement of 
the "Twin Flames".
 The window was opened to take the photos, leaving nothing to obstruct 
the view.
Faith & Mikael
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Angelic Visitations
The following panoramic photos were taken by 
Lydia Beckstead at Lake Louise in March of 1998, 
revealing the "Twin Flames" of Lord Mikael and Lady Faith. 

Following are Lydia's comments about this unexpected experience.

The pictures were taken from the Deer Lodge, Tower Room. You can actually see a picture of the lodge, showing the tower side of the building if you go to (Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts) and then clicking onto Deer Lodge.  (See photo of Deer Lodge at bottom of page) The tower area is part of the original lodge. When facing Lake Louise, I was in the top floor tower room on the right.      

In one of the pictures you can see the roof tops of some of the buildings below and also icicles hanging off the roof. I still remember the tremendous energy coming from the area of the Beehive and I sat in front of the window for  a while, meditating. 

When I was taking the pictures my focus was being drawn to the Beehive area just above (the Twin Flames) Picture 1, as I was told that there was a portal there in the  area of the depression. The lights certainly seem to be coming down out of that area and then posing side by side in the second picture. 

The pictures were taken  through an open window somewhere between 8 and 9 a.m.  I only mention  that the window was open, because someone expressed to me that they thought the lights could be just headlights reflecting in the window!  I can assure you this is not the case.  Also, I distinctly remember that my window was still open when I got back from skiing fairly late that evening and the room was rather frigid. 

I did not see any lights when taking the pictures and was quite surprised when I had the pictures developed several months later.  

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