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Tyberonn's Encounter at Lake Louise
An awestruck visitor to Canada's Lake Louise once commented that such scenery was proof that God existed. The year was 1978, years before my awakening. I walked up the cobbled trail from the parking area, staring at the enormous white stone Chateau, shining in the sunlight like polished alabaster. The architectural symmetry and sheer grandeur of the castle are impressive, but I was totally unprepared for the stunning scene that lay behind it. What glowed before me was living painting. A vibrant turquoise mountain lake framed by purple and gold cliffs, evergreen forests, and a massive white-blue glacier at the far end. Alpine flowers were everywhere. Beautiful sprays of orange, purple, yellow, white and red were dotted along the lakeside, and set in manicured gardens on the grounds of the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel in the forefront. It was love at first sight, and that love affair has continued ever since.

That first visit was brief, but made a deep impression. I have revisited Lake Louise over dozens of times in the past 25 years. I soon recognized it was a living cathedral, and later still I have become aware of a divine angelic presence anchored to its energy.  --- Tyberonn


My experience in '97 was very profound. I did not immediately know it was Archangel Michael, that understanding came later. But an Angelic 'Light Being' touched me, communed with me in a catharsis of joyful tears and inner cleansing that lasted a timeless 2 hours or so at Lake Louise. I was up off the lakeside trail about 150 meters. I had recently experienced the unexpected death of my sister, and had come to Lake Louise in part to deal with that loss.

I looked for a place off the main trail that would afford me privacy. About half way down the lakeside trail that leads to the back of Lake Louise, a small, gentle mountain brook bubbles and bounces its way down the steep slope into the Lake.

I followed it up and found an enchanted brookside faerie den, resplendent in bright lime-green moss and iridescent yellow lichen. It was dotted with two striking striated lavender boulders. Amazing sandstone…purple quartz. Amethyst !

The brook formed a couple of little crystal pools there and wildflowers popped up everywhere on the spongy moss. Rich green grass carpeted a circular open area near a perky little waterfall. I could fee the faeries dancing ! This magical and picturesque 'faerie den' opening was something out of an artist dream. It was and remains an enchanted and beautiful power-spot. My special place on earth. It is far enough off the main lakeside path of Lake Louise to be totally private, yet afforded incredible glimpsing views onto the vibrant Turquoise Lake. The day was partly cloudy, but occasionally the sun would gain a clear view and instantly enormous shafts of yellow light would angle in bright glowing beams through the canopy of the spruce forest. Pure Magic!

My meditation soon was deepened and a visible beam of light filled the opening and connected on my chest. At first I thought it was one of the angled sunbeams, then the energy jolted me and I saw kaleidoscopic colours everywhere, and felt the presence of an Angelic Being. I actually saw a formless, yet intense massive golden light over half the length of the lake. From this energy over Lake Louise the energy connected to me, to my heart center in an elongated beam. A blue sphere, glowing golden yellow in its inner core formed a few feet from where I sat on the ground. I found I could see it with eyes open and closed. I was moved deeply to emotional release. I felt a tremendous divinity. I had one of the most powerful internal reviews of my life to that point. I was able to pray deeply on each aspect of my life, goals and spiritual purpose. I connected deeply to the Angelic Energy and understood the anchoring to the Lake.

I did not 'see' an angel, I did not hear any voices. But I felt light, I saw light, and my heart soared. I saw a massive cloud of golden energy, and in a visivle ray, it physically connected a beam to my heart. That day was incredible. When I finally departed, I was emotionally drained, and spiritually cleansed. I go back to that magic spot at least once a year. I was there in late June of this year. The energy of my experience is still there. So is an anchor imprint of my heart and spirit. 
Lenticular cloud & orbs over Lake Louise, September, 2007  -   Photo credit, elaya*
Lake Louise, Banff National Park, August, 2007  -   Photo credit, elaya*
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