This pyramidal mountain, which straddles the Great Divide of the Rockies, is the primary receiver and transmitter of Energies from the Etheric Temple of Lord Mikael. It is also the location of the final point to be laid in the StarGrid. See  StarGrid Story

"The energy near this sacred mountain surpasses anything I have yet experienced. My oldest son accompanied me on this crystal laying journey. Four days after returning home, without any preamble, he turned to me and said, 'Mom, do you still feel it?' I knew exactly what he meant. I smiled and vigorously nodded, 'YES!'. Assiniboine was still very present in our energy fields. We both could feel it."  - elaya*      
Mt. Assiniboine, with it's peak in the clouds, is often referred to as the 
Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies.
Mt. Assiniboine at dusk. Photo taken as elaya* and her son arrived to lay the quartz point at this Sacred Site, the positive (masculine) polarity of the StarGrid.
Rose quartz, kyanite and
white quartz placed in ritual at the location of the south point of the StarGrid. 

The large crystal, seen at the 8 o'clock position is ready to be buried amongst the fall colours of oregon grape leaves.

Within moments, the crystal is buried and the StarGrid is completed ... a  very 
teary moment for elaya*. 
The peak of Mt. Assiniboine stood bright and bold in the welcoming rays of the sun, early the next morning. 

As they walked out of their cozy park cabin, elaya* and her son were energized by the brilliant sun, as they looked up to Assiniboine. 

The peak stood bright and bold in the welcoming rays.
​As elaya* turned to gaze at the sun, it seemed to say, 
"Well done!" 
Just before leaving, elaya* took this photo of the white giant on a full moon morning, September 15th, 1989 -  Mt. Assiniboine
Mt. Assiniboine
Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park - British Columbia, Canada
BEACON of the
 Archangelic Ray