Athabasca Glacier & Columbia Ice Fields - Jasper National Park, Canada
Elaya* was given information regarding the Essence of the Columbia Glacier system in the early '80s. Confirmation came much later from a number of unexpected sources, including Archangel Mikael. 

It was learned that a Sisterhood from the Sirius Star System approached the Deva of  the Athabasca Glacier & Columbia Ice Fields. "It will soon be time for humanity to embrace the Christ Frequency", they said. "This Precious Vibration has been conserved on Sirius until this time". 

The Sisterhood asked for permission to beam a Ray down into the glacial matrix to assist in this transformation. They added that, from this location, the Essence would flow through the melting glacial waters into every ocean of the planet, spreading the Christ Frequency around the globe. The Deva agreed to receive the Christos beam of Light.
Right & Below:
A sunny summer day at Athabasca Glacier
Glacier adventurers appear as tiny specks on the vast expanse of the 
Athabasca Glacier.

When the winds blow down the glacier, a hot summer day can turn into a chilly wintery outing ...
similar to walking into a large standing freezer.
You don't want to remain there too long unless you're dressed for it.

Crystalline Matrix 
of the 
Christos Essence