God Moves In Mysterious Ways . . .

While in Mount Shasta, I learned of two other women laying crystal grids in the Americas that summer of 1989: 
~ Arlene Shorts in the Andes of South America
~ Katie Novak in the Colorado Rockies 

When an opportunity arose to exchange information with Katie Novak, we discovered that our spiritual paths were almost identical. We had received similar visions; we were both visited by the Mahavatar Babaji, and had been nurtured by some of the same traditions ... the Lion Path as an example. 

I later met a friend of Katie's, Juliette Sweet. Juliette was the coordinator of the Conclave of Michael at the Banff Springs Hotel in March, 1994. When we first hugged, Juliette couldn't stop exclaiming, 
“My God! It's just like hugging Katie! My God! It's just like hugging Katie!"

With such amazing synergy, it immediately becomes apparent that in the Divine Scheme of things, none of us can possibly understand the full implications of our individual actions as we trust and follow Guidance.

"You cannot yet grasp the enormity of your Heritage.
You can only 'imagine' what is in store for you."
- Archangel Mikael

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Divine Synergy  . . .

What I learned about Lord Mikaël and the Temple while in Mount Shasta resonated deeply with my inner knowing. It was during this time that my feelings and new inspirations were powerfully affirmed and confirmed. 

Later in the evening, Mitsy from the Golden Bough Bookstore walked in with two "new faces"! These delightful visitors were Jacqueline Mills, an international psychic artist and spiritual medium, and her son, David, of Avebury, England. They had journeyed to Mount Shasta following Guidance received in Avebury, which directed them to seed crystals at three major sites on the Planet: Avebury, England; Mount Shasta, California; and Mount Cook, New Zealand. 

Jacqueline and David were awaiting Summer Solstice to plant a large amethyst point at the 9,000-foot level on Mount Shasta. Amethyst carries the frequency of Mt. Shasta. Just before Jacqueline and David left that evening, David and I chatted briefly. Spirit moved us to allow each other to hold the crystals which were in our care. While sitting silently facing each other, with these two powerful transmitters in our hands, we simultaneously received similar information:

"The frequencies of these two crystals are being harmonized and amplified through the Beloved Presence, I AM. The main gridline from Avebury is now extending from Mt. Shasta northward to Archangel Mikaël's Temple. These new gridlines will serve as conduits for the higher dimensional frequencies in the New Paradigm. The Angelic Stargrid is the first offshoot of the primary leyline which, when completed, will encompass the Planet." The excitement we felt was overwhelming! How difficult it was to part company that evening! 

Towards the end of June, it was clear to me that Mikaël's Crystal was to be planted on July 18th, Full Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer, at the Center of the Temple. This Full Moon is the time of the year when the Universal Mother Energy is at its peak. Lord Mikaël instructed me on how important and integral the feminine energy was to His Work. The crystal seeding of the Stargrid did indeed begin on the July Full Moon. Mikaël's Crystal' was laid at the  "Holy of Holies" Temple Centre, at the Giant Steps in Paradise Valley.

The entire gridwork was completed by the September 15th Full Moon, at Mount Assiniboine ... in just two lunar months! Had I known of this time parameter prior to initiating the StarGrid, I would never have begun ... thinking it to be an impossible task! 

During those two lunar months, I literally had blinders on. Absolutely nothing could distract me from this Work. In my mind and heart, there was no activity occurring in the entire universe, except the task of setting precious crystals in wondrous wilderness places. This Angelic Quest was all-consuming ... to put it mildly!
Temple Centre Confirmed

I was in Shasta, attending a birthday party for Donald Keyes, the revered UN diplomat who, along with Norman Cousins and Robert Muller, founded Planetary Citizens. This organization issued "planetary passports", which at the time (1989) were recognized in 45 countries around the world.

I was in the kitchen rounding up more food, when Donald called me into the livingroom. As I walked in, he immediately pointed to a gift he had received.

On the grand piano, stood a beautiful black & white rendering. Donald asked me if I recognized the scene. In answer to his question I replied, "Of course ... it's the entrance to Paradise Valley, where the Temple Centre is located. That's Mt. Temple on the left and Saddle Mountain on the right. Lake Louise is over in this direction." I pointed over to the right of the rendering.

Donald smiled broadly. He said, "Take a look. See what this rendering is called!"

I stepped forward. The beautiful drawing was entitled, "The Temple".  It was sketched by Lawrence Scheckter of Alcyone Light Center. 

I turned to look at Lawrence and Sylvia. They were grinning at me. Sylvia told me that they had holidayed in the Temple the previous year, and hiked up Paradise Valley. They too were told by Spirit that the Giant Steps marked the location of the Temple Centre.

I had God bumps! The hair on my arms stood up on end. Here was the confirmation I waited 2 years for.

What a powerful evening ... yet ... there was more to come!
Mt. Shasta, CA
Bunny Flats - 6500 ft. alt.
May 18th, 1989 

This photo was taken following Elaya's trek to Panther Meadows, where she
received directives for 
the gridlaying from 
Archangel Mikael.
Companions of Destiny
. . . a Chance Meeting?
A Muse Named Mary  . . .

While in Mount Shasta, I met an amazing artist and soul sister. Mary Saint-Marie is a true visionary, who's work is exquisitely mystical. I had the great pleasure of viewing Mary's art first-hand in her studio. This was a powerful experience that I will never forget.

The 'Angelic Temple' site ... this humble work that you are viewing ... would not have been possible except for Mary's vision and support. I was very focused on my personal spirit journey while in Mount Shasta, and could not see beyond it. However, Mary saw a story in the making, and proceeded to alert another very important person that I must also credit.
Chance Meetings

Mary's artwork was to be featured in the fall issue of Halo Magazine. Halo was the vision of Robert Rose, formerly of Mount Shasta, who was then publishing his magazine out of Elmherst, Illinois. Before I returned to Canada, Mary informed me that Robert would be contacting me, as she had advised him of the experiences I had with Archangel Mikael, and he was  interested in my story. Robert called me in Victoria when I was packing to leave for the Rockies. I agreed to forward my trail notes to him following the completion of the StarGrid. Easier said than done!!!

When I first considered actually sending the notes, I thought I should rewrite them ... clean them up a bit ... make them clearer and more reflective of my inner experience. Have you ever tried to rewrite something extremely important to you ... important in the way it might be received ... important that it clearly conveyed your understanding ... important that it truly spoke your innermost essence? Well ... after four months of writing, and rewriting, and rewriting ... I gave it up! I knew that I could rewrite forever ... but that until I had fully integrated this experience, it would never feel 'right'.

And so ... in February, 1990, I sent the notes to Robert, apologizing for the long delay and including some photos of my experience. I didn't hear from him for a month. One day a letter arrived. Robert mentioned how he loved the story, but that it should have appeared in the January issue, which featured the "peak experience". He asked if I would summarize the event, and add my feelings about where it was taking me ... spiritually speaking. This would "fall in line with where his magazine was headed", he said.

I knew right away this was not possible. I couldn't summarize my experience as I was still very much in the throes of integrating it. So the story never appeared in Halo Magazine. However, thanks to Mary's foresight, my copious notes were in pretty good shape. 

This website would not have been possible without the many hours of rewrites while the journey was still fresh in my experience. Also necessary for this creation, was the soul-searching involved at the time ... to even begin to understand the meaning of the adventure, the profound emotions that it conjured up, and then, to try and convey to others what it all meant ... a formidable task! 

Thank you my muse!


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