A Message from Mary ....

The entire story of this short animation video being created goes back to 2010 when I sent out an email with a meditation for the Earth and for the Sky. It was one that I had been doing for some time.

I knew there would be a way to share this important message that bypassed the words...touching directly the Soul Knowing.

Then one day I just began to 'see' what is on the video. I practiced it for a long time, really 'feeling into the essence' world of our sacred earth and sky!

Once the idea for the animation came to me and I said YES, a patron of the arts appeared in my world to support its creation.

And here it is!

In deep appreciation of the video being embraced by Angelic Temple!

In Beauty,


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for the Earth & Sky
by Mary Saint-Marie
Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah, mystic artist, poet, writer, sculptress, intiatress, spiritual educator and voice 
of the earth, has lived close to nature, mostly in the Northern Californian mountains since 1974. Mary expresses and reflects from inner vision and Presence...her Awareness of The Oneness, the I Am Awareness, the Consciousness that we Already Are.

Mary is the author of 8 books, including The Holy Sight. (see website for listings) Mary has traveled extensively facilitating Soul Sessions, Soul Retreats and the Holy Sight workshops.  She has presented 7 years of Sacred Enactments of Ancient Remembering, a multi-media presentation, titled, She...it is...Who Remembers. Mary has created two CDs; one is Journey of Consciousness.

Art-of-the-Soul by Mary Saint-Marie is mystical, shamanic and inspirational; it mirrors our Oneness with Creator/Creation. It reflects the inner Essence...Beauty. Mary has been featured in over 150 art exhibits at conferences, workshops, galleries, expositions and holistic faires, as well as in private art collections around the world.  

The art of Mary Saint-Marie has been featured in numerous books, such as One Source Sacred Journeys. It has been featured in numerous magazines, such as Quest. Mary has been interviewed by numerous TV stations about her art work and her work with the earth.

In 2010 Mary produced her first theatre production, a play she wrote titled The Monitor and Laughter
of the Gods: Saraswati Comes Swingin' Her Hips. Most recently, Mary's art has been featured in the  documentary, FEMME: Women Healing the World.

Mary has been pioneering sacred art since 1972 when she did her first 3 exhibits in Oregon.

(over 150 earth care documentaries listed)

(over 150 earth care documentaries listed)