Initiating the StarGrid was a very solemn and awe-inspiring event. Elaya knew 
that once the grid was begun, it would 
definitely be completed.

Elaya's solo trek to the "Centre" began 
on the morning of July 18th, 1989, at 
6:30 a.m., full of anticipation and feeling very much 'equal to the task'. 

The following is Elaya's story in
her own words.
Elaya at left, nearing the Holy of Holies 
- Mikaelmas, September 29th, 1997 -
Preparations . . .

Mid-Morning on July 17th, I arrived at Lake Louise and set up camp. The afternoon was spent purifying the crystals. Lord Mikael had instructed that the crystals be wrapped together in cheesecloth and soaked in the three creeks that flow from the equilateral triangle of lakes that frames the Giant Steps - Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Lake O'Hara - . 

It rained on and off all day. I learned from the Parks Office that there were "many grizzly bear sightings reported in the Lake Louise area this season." The population had increased tremendously over the past few years. This is a good sign that the general condition of the wildlife is healthy and prospering. 

While I purified the crystals, I visualized good weather and Lord Mikael's protection surrounding me. At dinner that evening, a wide rainbow rose from the valley floor. Its colours were beautifully intense. I was grateful for such a reassuring omen for the following day! After dinner, it was 'early to bed'.
Beginning in earnest  .  .  .

The weatherman had predicted a warm, sunny day, but when I rose that Full Moon morning at 4:55 a.m., it was gray and raining. I quickly washed, dressed and prepared my pack for the day. After a short meditation, I double-checked my gear. Everything was in order. I left my campsite at 6:00 a.m.

The trail I chose is much more arduous than the Paradise Creek trail, but it seemed important to go that route. It wasn't until 1996 that I learned that this was the "Initiatory Path to the Holy of Holies".

It was 6:30 am, when I started up the Fairview Mountain trail at Lake Louise. The first part of my journey took me up a steep, heavily wooded slope along the side of Fairview Mt. for a 1700-ft. gain. The higher I climbed, the more my view of the valley opened up below. At the same time, the weather was lifting. The Bow Valley was spectacular as the sun edged over the mountains to the east. By the time I reached the top of the saddle, the day had completely transformed.
My trail notes . . .

6:30 am: 
1700-foot climb first thing in the morning. I hope my body forgives me. Steep enough climb. The weather is clearing up beautifully. Taking slides - What scenery! As I reach the top of the saddle and turn towards Paradise Valley, there stands Mount Temple. Its great mass is encrusted with glaciers and framed in the foreground by the mountains on either side of me. 
I have God-bumps! 
Mount Temple from the Saddle.
More notes . . .

9:00 am: 
The saddleback is wonderful and I spend some time strolling around, enjoying the vistas. Finally, I'm over the saddle, and on my way to the Paradise Creek trail. It's very steep on the Paradise side of the saddle and I'm becoming painfully aware that I don't have the right footwear for the job.

9:30 am: 
Finally - Paradise Valley! The climb to the saddleback and descent have taken their toll. A lovely blister is blossoming on the ball of my left foot. Ouch!

10:30 am:
The Paradise Creek trail is good and climbs gently to 7200 ft. Paradise Creek is a cheery, chatty companion along the way. Haven't met any two-leggeds yet. However, I did surprise a porcupine. As I approached, he loped up ahead of me for a ways, then off the trail into the woods. I'm seeing alot of bear droppings, but no bears. 
More notes . . .

11:00 am:
As I continue up the valley, a very large angelic cloud is spreading over the length of it. I gratefully acknowledge the Presence. What a gift it is to know you're not alone. I'm also feeling all those wonderful beings that indicated they would tune their energies my way this morning. The synchronized time of my arrival at the site of the planting is 12:00 noon MDT. I've been taking my time. Hope I make it!

11:50 am:
I have arrived at the Giant Steps. Ten minutes to spare - whew! I asked Lord Mikael where to plant the crystal. The message comes in no uncertain terms .  .  . "You were instructed to stop as 12:00 noon. Keep going! Stop at noon."

12:00 noon:
STOP! I look around, and find myself on a trail which runs above the highest "step" of the Giant Steps. I'm in a small grassy meadow. A beautiful fir tree has my full attention. I notice two rocks that form a portal accessing a cozy area that looks like it would be a wonderful place to camp.

As I proceed, two larger rocks beyond the first two also form an entranceway. I pick up the first two and I'm drawn through the larger stone portal into the protected area. This space feels very good! I am now attracted to another rock which is resting near the tree. I KNOW the stone marks the spot where Mikael's Crystal must be placed.

I sit down to meditate in this sacred space. After a time, I spread my map and place the seven crystals upon their destined positions. Mikael's Crystal is resting on the map in the exact location upon which I physically stand. I get an enormous surge of energy at the thought!
Placing Mikael's Crystal in the Folds of Mother Earth . . .
Paradise Creek Trail to Temple Centre
"I spread my map and placed the seven crystals upon their destined positions. 
Mikael's Crystal is resting on the map in the exact location upon which I physically stand."
Mt. Temple from the Paradise Valley trail.
Taken on first hike to Centre - 1987
Grid-Laying Instructions . . .

During the meditation that followed, directives were given on grid-laying:

"You will seed the stargrid clockwise beginning with the southwest point. The grid's north point, the negative pole of this wheel, will be planted at the Full Moon in August - the southwest and northwest points having been set prior to that time.

"After the north planting, you will proceed to set the northeast and southeast crystals before mid-September. The grid will be completed on the Full Moon in September at the south point below Mount Assiniboine - the positive pole of the wheel."

I was somewhat shaken by the short timeframe given for the grid-laying, but felt strongly that there was significant purpose to the instructions as received. 

The hike back to Lake Louise was uneventful, but painful! The balls of both my feet had developed "monster" blisters. One had already burst and burned very badly. In spite of the pain, I enjoyed every moment in Paradise Valley as my thoughts wandered ahead to future grid-laying adventures. It was early evening before I reached my car. I quickly took off my boots and eased my sore feet into sandals. Fortunately, the local sports shop had a product "guaranteed to make blisters fun!"
Within a few minutes, the sacred space destined to house Mikael's Crystal is dug out . . . . I sit quietly in my meditative state, slowly realizing that it's time to bury the stone.

I experience a few moments of intense grief at parting with this precious stone, that has not left my side in three months, and has come to mean so very much to me. With some tears, great reverence and much care, I place it into the folds of Mother. 

While my hand still rests upon the crystal, I affirm, 
"This sacred gridwork, which Lord Mikael has entrusted to me, will greatly facilitate and enhance communications for all Lightworkers who choose "contact" with His Great Electronic Pattern of Light." 
In the next moment, my heart swells with love, joy and anticipation for the vision quest which has now begun in earnest.
Temple Centre
Holy of Holies: Temple Centre
"This Star Geometry will be instrumental in grounding and amplifying the frequencies of the etheric Temple on the Planet, and supporting the Archangel's Mission for this Planet and our entire Universe as divinely designated."