"Beloved of my Heart, you will plant the quartz crystal, which was placed in your  loving care when you arrived at Shasta Mountain, in the folds of Beloved Earth, at the Heartcenter of My Temple. 

"Take the crystal to the Sacred Mountain this morning. Hike to Panther Meadows and meditate through the crest of the Full Moon. More information will be given to you then, dear Heart."

Without delay, I got dressed and made my way up Mount Shasta. Time alone on the Mountain was always magical. As I maneuvered a hairpin turn, I noticed two prominent clouds to the west above the valley. The clouds formed huge winged beings. The Angelic Presence often revealed itself to me in this way. A new wave of joy and anticipation rose within. 

I drove to Bunny Flats. From there, I had to hike in the snow. It was difficult trekking. Warm sunlight embraced the soft white blanket, and every so often I sank up to my knees. Silently I walked, enjoying the serenity of my surroundings. At Panther Meadows, I found a felled tree and set up a small ritual on a violet cloth. I carefully placed what I now call 'Mikaël's Crystal' in the center, with six crystals surrounding it. I sat down to meditate. 
Left:  Mount Shasta (approx. 7800 ft. level) on the Wesak Full Moon, 1989, when the StarGrid information was received. This photo was taken midday, while I enjoyed the south slopes of  the Sacred Mountain, on my way back from Panther Meadows.  

While I was in Mt. Shasta, the Archangel referred to me as "Mikah ... and so did everyone in town!   — Elaya               
Message on the mountain ....

"Beloved Mikah, you will set a crystal grid clockwise in the form of a six-pointed star in My Temple. The heartcenter, as you were shown, is located at the Giant Steps in Paradise Valley near Lake Louise. The south node of the grid, sits on the north shore of Lake Magog below Mt. Assiniboine. Take this as your measure for the radius of the grid. The north node is equidistant from the center, and aligned with Athabasca Glacier, in the Columbia Ice Fields. When the above points are located, the other four will easily be determined. The actual planting sites will be impressed upon you when you are on location. All crystals destined to serve in this grid will be given to you before the first planting. Two are already in your possession. The timing for gridlaying will also be transmitted as you require it.

"Only through Trust and Faith will this Work be achieved! The grid will amplify My ongoing Work through harmonic resonance with Light emanations from My Etheric Temple. All of this is in preparation for the great events that herald the end of the present cycle, and the beginning of a New Dawn. We wish to make our Presence known to all Humanity. Through the final clearing of confusion and fear, We will be allowed to walk among you once again. 

"You cannot yet grasp the enormity of your Heritage. You can only imagine what is in store for you. You are loved beyond words. Blessings, Dear One. This is Lord Mikaël with Lady Faith at my side, speaking from the Temple of Illumined Faith and Protection."


The impact of this information overwhelmed me. Hindsight made me realize how well I had been prepared for this mission. All the messages received during the previous five years took on new meaning.

The day following the vision, I had a practical grid-laying experience at Alcyone Light Center on the Oregon-California border. I was invited by Lawrence and Sylvia Scheckter to assist in setting the grid for 'GEMINI', a communications complex being created on site. How timely this experience was! When I arrived at Alcyone, I shared my vision with Sylvia and expressed my curiosity as to why the grid appeared as magenta light. I always associated sapphire blue as Archangel Mikaël's frequency. Without batting an eyelash, Sylvia simply stated that blue was the color of Spirit and red, the color of the vital lifeforce upon the planet - the color of matter. By combining certain hues of these two colors, magenta was created. The matter of fact way in which she shared this made me laugh at myself. Color mixing had always been one of my fortés in art classes. 
StarGrid Vision
Elaya found this powerful image of "Michael", 
painted by Susan Seddon-Boulet, in a gift shop in Ashland, Oregon, while attending the Shakespearean Festival. (June, 1989)

"The rendering caught my attention some 30 feet away.  I immediately recognized who He was!  I darted across the room to collect this treasured image."
~  Michael  ~
 A tribute to an exceptionally gifted visionary artist
Susan Seddon-Boulet  ~  1941-1997
When someone gets their "script" in Mount Shasta, the entire spiritual community is there to support you. During the next few weeks, the spiritual community began to call me Mikah, which was the first name given to me while in Shasta. They brought boxes of information regarding Archangel Mikaël and the Temple of Illumined Faith and Protection. It was overwhelming! I read everything I could in profound gratitude for the loving manner in which the path was unfolding before me.

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Happy gridlayers at
From left to right: 
Lawrence and Sylvia Scheckter, 
Donald Keys, Hilarion (Louis)
and Gary Zukav. 
Elaya is crouched down (centre) 
in front of Donald.
Mikaël's Crystal
It was during the Wesak Full Moon, May 20th, 1989, that the information for the grid came through. I was visiting friends in Mount Shasta, California. Early that morning, beside me as I slept, lay a clear Madagascar quartz crystal - a gift received upon my arrival at the Sacred Mountain. (See photo at right)

As I floated out of the dream state, I had a vision. Brilliant filaments of crystalline light poured over me. I joyously basked in their loving, gentle warmth. Feeling playful, I opened my eyes. The luminous filaments were still visible. Fascinated, I closed my eyes again, and luxuriated in their luminescence. 
After some time, feeling complete, I said, "Thank you!" As if this was a cue for a change of scene, everything disappeared. In its place, I saw two bands of exquisitely brilliant magenta light, forming what appeared to be a pyramid or an inverted 'V'. The picture felt incomplete and so I asked, "May I see more?" The impact of the ensuing telepathic impressions immediately spun me into a heightened state of awareness. 

The scene unfurled like a scroll. A radiant magenta image of a geodesic dome with six anchor points appeared. A prominent six-pointed star configuration was superimposed on the dome. The message came: