On Mikaelmas, 1989, while meditating prior to leaving this Sacred Site, Archangel Mikael appeared to elaya* above Mt. Lefroy (the large mountain on the right of the photo) floating towards her. He was dressed in knight's armour. She snickered to herself, as she thought it looked quite funny. Suddenly, the Presence of Lord Mikael shapeshifted into a brilliant cerulean blue diamond shape, with a Maltese-type cross within it. The form continued to approach where elaya*stood. As the brilliant pattern of Light reached her, it jolted her physical body as it penetrated to the core.

A few years later, it was learned that this symbol was worn by the "Immortals" in ancient Lemuria. 
Left - Elaya hikng to the Holy of Holies
Elaya* celebrating the Completion of the StarGrid - Mikaelmas - September 29, 1989
- The MITRE -
Guardian of the Giant Steps
Meditating near Mikael's Stone at the
Holy of HoliesSeptember 29th, 1990
Paradise Valley 
from Wastach Pass
WASTACH PASS  - Looking North into Paradise Valley. It is difficult to pinpoint the Giant Steps through the clouds, but they would be in this general area. Wastach Pass is west of Sentinel Pass, and closer to the Great Divide. Both passes lead to Paradise Valley to the north, and  Moraine Lake to the south.
On an otherwise perfectly clear day, Heavenly Visitors appear above our group as they made their way out of the valley. Having asked for a sign earlier, the women were deeply moved by these appearances. However, there was more to come!
Below: A radiant Angelic Presence remained stationary to the north above the mountain, as the group slowly made their way back down Paradise Valley. They stopped many times to behold the amazing sight. Many tears were shed as the Presence radiated this loving pulsating Light for over 2 hours.

(The photo is somewhat grainy as it was taken back in 1991, before digital cameras.)
Elaya led five women to the Centre of the Temple, the Holy of Holies, to celebrate the day! Having prayed for a sign of Mikael's Presence, they were blessed with phenomena.
MIKAELMAS, September 29th, 1990 (below)
MIKAELMAS, September 29th, 1991 
LEFT: Hiking across one of the five bridges that span Paradise Creek on the old trail to the Giant Steps. In the morning shadow of Mount Temple, a fairly heavy frost covers the grass in the foreground. Through the trees we can see the sun shining brightly on the mountains across the Valley.

LEFT  -  Rocks & boulders cover Horseshoe Glacier at the foot of the mountain. The larches form a brilliant golden ribbon, enhancing the view.
Later that day, every physical remnant of our Visitors had disappeared! Only clear blue sky remained.
MIKAELMAS, September 29th, 1997

For six years, Elaya lived and worked at a distance from the Rockies. Finally ... shortly upon her return, she and a friend trekked into Paradise.
Six Years Later ... A Long Awaited Trek hOMe!
Right: This photo was taken while hiking up the valley along Paradise Creek. The Blue Light Frequency of Lord Mikael was captured next to Elaya in this beautiful shot of the valley with the spires of Sentinel Pass in the background.
RIGHT: A moment's contemplation on the great stone slabs of the Giant Steps prior to leaving the Temple Centre ... one more time.
In July, 1987, Elaya* ventured into Paradise Valley. She was preparing for Harmonic Convergence.  Having hiked around the top of the valley for awhile, she sat on a large rock eating an apple, soaking up the scenery ... unaware that she had set foot in the Temple Centre. No other hikers crossed her path that day ... only a porcupine that quickly loaped away from her. As Elaya sat there alone, feeling disconnected with the "outside world" she asked, 

"Why do we do this? What is it that drives us to venture into the wilderness in this way?" 
The reply came immediately, 

"Because Nature reflects the majesty within!"
Above: Elaya* dedicating three stones that she buried this day 
under the Guardian Tree

Right: Hugging the Guardian Spruce that oversees
 the Holy of Holies

Lower right: Barbara enjoying a friendly 
whiskey jack (jay) who came looking for a snack
LEFT: Mikah sounds her conch shell 
for the first time - Temple Centre.
A Request for a Sign of Archangel Mikael's Presence
 is answered with Phenomena
Holy of Holies  ~  Temple Centre
Giant Steps
Upper Paradise Valley & Temple Centre
The great expanse of Paradise Valley from the Mt. Temple Trail (2008)
- Photo courtesy of Ron Psikla and Val Huston
RIGHT: Five of the women, including Elaya 
(far left) at the Giant Steps.