Discovering Jonathon . . . .

We are absolutely delighted to be able to bring the unique Work of Jonathon Earl Bowser to you. Elaya* was very excited when she recently discovered Jonathon's Art through an online stationery company. The 'new' stationery offered to members was truly "made-to-order" for her networking with the many visitors to the Archangel's website. Numerous scenes depicted Sacred Sites within Archangel Mikael's Temple of Illumined Faith and Protection here in the Canadian Rockies. What a find!!! 

We surfed to and learned that Jonathon is a well-known, international artist, who resides in Alberta, Canada. Needless to say, we were both surprised and delighted! An email was immediately sent to Jonathon, thanking him for being so generous in sharing his exquisite art with so many. We suggested a feature webpage to showcase his work, as Jonathon's "Landscapes" clearly reflect the "essence" of the Temple so beautifully. Jonathon accepted! And so ... we are very happy to showcase the Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser for your viewing pleasure.

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JONATHON EARL BOWSER - a Canadian artist of English, French, Scottish, and Chippewa Indian descent - was born in 1962. He began drawing at age 8, painting at age 18, and graduated from the Alberta College of Art in 1984. His limited-edition prints and collector's plates are now represented by many galleries internationally, and his original paintings are in public and private collections across North America, Europe, and Asia - including the government collections of China and Taiwan. The artist's extensive and informative website has an excellent selection of Jonathon's best work, including his unique figurative-landscape paintings that he calls Mythic Naturalism - images looking for the mysterious poetry of which the natural world is made.

Webster Galleries Editions has published 17 successful limited-editions of Jonathon's landscape work, many of which have now sold out. Mythic Publishing published the fine-art poster, Song of the Hummingbird Muses. His 4-painting series of Native-American Earth and Sky Mothers was published and distributed world-wide by The Bradford Exchange - the world's largest trading center for collector's plates. Eureka Publishing published 12 limited-edition lithographs from his Mythic Naturalism collection. And now the complete collection of Jonathon's most personal and evocative work is available in a beautiful new series of amazingly accurate Limited-Edition Glicees - the most beautiful fine-art reproductions in the world!

When not working, Jonathon enjoys composing music, reading science books, hiking in the mountains, and spending time with his wife and many pets. 
Temple "Landscapes"
Artwork © - Jonathon Earl Bowser -
Mount Temple, Paradise Valley, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

For all of you who have traveled to the Temple, virtually, spiritually or physically, the scene above will be familiar. This "incredible hulk" stands on the left of the entrance to Paradise Valley. A 12km (9ml) hike up this spectacular valley takes you to the Centre of the Temple, the "Holy of Holies", near the Giant Steps. This mountain, so appropriately named "Temple", truly reflects the power and the majesty of the Archangel's Temple. There are no coincidences!

Elaya did not find this painting in Jonathon's many Galleries. He graciously emailed this image to her when he replied positively to our vision of this feature webpage. A very special treat for all of us!
Mount Assiniboine and Sunburst Lake,
Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park, BC, Canada

This amazing peak, often referred to as the "Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies", is the 'primary receiver' of the frequencies from Archangel Mikael's Temple of Illumined Faith and Protection, which exists in the etheric above the entire Temple area in the

The powerful experience of this sacred site is truly unforgettable. It's presence will unmistakably remain with the visitor
 for weeks.
Athabasca Glacier, Columbia Ice Fields, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

The story behind this Sacred Site is profoundly moving. The Archangel taught elaya* that the glistening ice fields contain the "Essence of the Christos", and SO, it was named.

A dear friend in Seattle informed elaya* that a Sisterhood from the Star Sirius approached and asked the Deva of the Ice Fields for permission to beam a Ray of Christ Frequencies into the glacial matrix to assist in the transformation of Humanity and Planet Earth. They added that, from this location, the Essence would flow through the melting glacial waters into every ocean of the planet, spreading the Christ Vibration around the globe. The Deva agreed to receive the Christ Light. The Sisterhood said, "It will soon be time for humanity to embrace the Christ Frequency. This Precious Vibration has been maintained on Sirius until Humanity was ready to receive It ". 
Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Archangel Mikael named this azure lake, "Abode of Angels'. Visitors visibly respond to the elemental nature of this exquisitely beautiful lake and the powerful presence of the mountains that cradle it. Many often stand in complete silence for long periods of time, simply gazing at the beauty that surrounds them. Jonathon has captured Moraine's ethereal essence superbly.

"Moraine Lake holds you spellbound; awesome in its wild grandeur, 
sublime in its measure of heights and depths."
— From an alpinist's memoirs of Moraine Lake & the Valley of Ten Peaks
Lake O'Hara, Yoho National Park, BC, Canada

What a fabulous 'peek-a-boo' sunset over Lake O'Hara. Jonathan has subtly, yet powerfully tapped into the sheer *magic* of O'Hara in this painting. 

Archangel Mikael refers to this lake as the "Sanctuary of Twin Flames". Elaya* was shown a large golden pyramid of light that completely overlays the area. A short hike from the Lk. O'Hara up to the Divide will take the seeker to another sacred site ... "Essence of Love" (Lake Oesa). The entire area is energetically aligned with 'divine relationship and love', both the celestial and earthly kind. There's a frequency here that transports one beyond the outer world. Geologist, earth-keeper Tyberonn has designated Lake O'Hara the Crown Chakra of the Canadian Rockies. 

In this rendering, Jonathon has truly captured the powerful, *electric*serenity* that permeates this majestic sacred site. Below, is another rendering of the Lake O'Hara area.
Jonathon's  varied Fine Art renderings will spark* your imagination and inspire you. 

To view Jonathon's numerous Galleries, please go to his website:

Jonathon's original art is represented by:
Webster Galleries Inc. - John Webster, Proprietor
812 - 11 Ave. SW, Calgary, ABT2R 0E5     Canada

1-888-874-5519 (Toll-free in North America)
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The Art of
Jonathon Earl 

Artwork © - Jonathon Earl Bowser -
Lake O'Hara, Yoho National Park, BC, Canada

Here, Jonathon has captured the grandeur of the Lake O'Hara area. This view looks to the southeast ... to the area where Lake Oesa, "Essence of Love" sits, tucked away, up near the high peaks in the background.

Elaya's musings: "This lovely vista with it's beautiful reflection in the lake, brings back many memories of sitting on the rocks near the water in deep contemplation of the profound energy and majesty of this wondrous landscape.