June 19th, 2002

Elaya*Star was asked not to disclose the following information until the Labyrinth's Day of Initiation. She was stunned by the significance of the Labyrinth as revealed by Archangel Mikael, and the confirmation that came one month to the day later, July 19th, 2002, from an unknown sensitive to whom photos of the Labyrinth had been emailed. 

It took Elaya*Star all summer to integrate the following message, which was finally read to the small group who gathered at the site on Lord Mikael's Feast Day, September 29th, 2002. 
Lord Mikael's Message . . .

“It is time to impart information regarding the Consecration of the Work that has been undertaken by the Gatherers. We choose to define you as such, dear Ones, because you have “gathered” the Blessed Stone People who’s work it is to reflect the Divine Geometry of this Sacred Place. 

“An ElectroMagnetic Vortex, located in the Heart of the Mountain at who’s feet you now stand, plays a large part of this Labyrinth's dynamics. This Vortex is the 9th SACRED SITE to be revealed within the borders of My Beloved Temple.

“This wondrous LABYRINTH that you have built, is the focal point for the Vortex, who’s powerful Balancing Energies are being reactivated ... as we speak.

“The LABYRINTH which you have built, dear Gatherers, will allow many to access the Sacred BALANCE of this Vortex . . . Electric and Magnetic . . . the Holy Symmetry containing the CODES that stimulate the Alchemical Marriage within each and everyone of you. This in turn will promote the outer manifestation, the Cosmic REUNION of Twin Flames, which will finally be allowed on Beloved Terra, due to Humanity’s growing commitment to Love and Compassion. 

“It is with exhalted JOY at this time, that my Divine Complement Lady Faith and I designate this Site ... the

This is the final power site to be revealed through our messenger, Elaya*Star. She was informed that there are 3 additional SACRED SITES in the Temple of Illumined Faith & Protection. These, however, will not be given through Elaya*Star, as they are not yet in Earth form. These sites remain in the Etheric and will be revealed to those Initiates, who fervently choose to seek and make contact with Lady Faith and I. These Seekers will be transported in their Light Bodies to the Etheric Power Sites at the most opportune time on their spirit journey ... when they are ready to receive information to further their sacred work on beloved Gaia.”

“Lady Faith and I are ecstatic to make this Sacred Labyrinth available to all Seekers. It will prove to be a powerful spiritual tool, as well as a favoured location for Contact. Information to further actualize and confirm the nature of this site will be given in due time and from a separate source.

“Blessings to all who have been instrumental in nurturing this Labyrinth into form. 
“We are . . . in the Light of the Most Radiant One ... Lord Mikael & Lady Faith”

Magical impressions of a winter Labyrinth
"... I feel the most important issue in your request centers around the labyrinth. I see it as almost a physical aura of power and, oddly enough, gratitude. Strange word it would seem, until you look deeper into it.

"Those who built it had a special mission and all of you have accomplished a great feat, not only in the physical with the planning and the arranging of the stones, but also because you have called up/called back the spiritual keys that have been missing for many centuries. You have performed your mission well. The very thought that you have chosen quartz to be the building blocks of the structure signifies the spiritual purposes that it has become reality to perform.

"Those who walk this particular labyrinth should do so with trepidation if they do not have the higher good as their purpose. I say this because the labyrinth itself is such a spiritual key and to add to the mix, the quartz that vibrates at such a high frequency, one will not even have to expect great things in walking through it, but also see, hear and experience great things. 

"You have created a vortex. I caution, this labyrinth is very special because of its makeup. Please tell others to leave all other stones like, sodalite, kyanite, etc., outside the structure. There is quite enough going on there and the power of both of these would be overpowering and defeat the purpose of the walk for some.

"Now, the walk. Walking the labyrinth is meant to be a spiritual trip into the mind. Once the mind has grasped the true meaning, then it passes the message on up to the Spirit. The door is open then for messages to come and go both ways.

"You should always pause at the entryway of the labyrinth and ask for lessons on your journey. Ask for clarity first of all, and that you will recognize the messages when they come.

"The Knights Templar had many secrets and one of them included the labyrinth. I am told they would actually ride their horses around immense labyrinths before they set out on crusade. They did this so that they were one with the horse and with the mission.

"Each of you, and each person, who in future will walk this labyrinth, will be on a mission. Some personal and some very public. After the journey, they will experience the calmness of 'knowing' what they must do.

"When many walk the labyrinth, they share a common bond. The bonds will resonate to the level at which they 'received' during their walk. So new friendships will be forged in the light, and new liaisons will be made.

"Those who enter the labyrinth with negative intent will only harm themselves because the energy you have created with the structure and held in place by the added frequency of the quartz, will bring their negativity to mind in a most blatant manner. They may even exit the structure very angry because the labyrinth then becomes a mirror and shows them themselves.

"There appears to be no greater symbol/structure on this planet at this time, than the labyrinth. Your intent was purely spiritual stemming from your love of precious rocks and their healing qualities. This labyrinth then has been spiritually dedicated to health and healing.

"Those who have ailments would benefit greatly for the journey. Once at the centre, they should be instructed to imagine an altar there; a white stone altar, and once they have that image, place the illness there in a package of their creation. Freely give the illness to God, in gratitude for LIFE, LOVE AND CREATION.

"The more people who do this, the stronger the vibration of the labyrinth will become. It will grow and evolve. Not to mention that it is a beacon from the sky. To those who have 'the sight', it actually glows in the dark. You have done a wonderful thing there, Sheryl, you and all your friends who worked so hard to make it and share it with everyone."

~ Labyrinth Initiation ~ 
September 29th, 2002 
an Elder Medicine Woman of the 
Interior Salish Nation of British Columbia, 
spreads sacred corn around the Labyrinth 
as the ceremony begins.
Group of "Gatherers" being briefed prior to the reading of Lord Mikael's Message. 
Elaya*Star is sitting on the far right.
Elaya* reads Lord Mikael's Message with tears in her eyes and a lump in her throat. It was finally time to share the information with others, following three month's silence. Following, this reading, Sheryl Walker read Jacy's confirmation message.
standing at the Labyrinth entrance,
rattle in hand, holding 
the energy while
 others walk the 
Sacred Path.
Lara drums and SunWoman prays while others walk the Sacred Path. Although it was a very rainy Fall evening, it didn't rain over the Labyrinth until the group was ready to leave. 
Food and beverages are shared in the warmth of the firepit, in celebration of the blessings received from Beloved Lord Mikael on His Feast Day, 2002.
Photos of Labyrinth & Area, Summer 2002
A beautiful stone altar outside the Labyrinth entrance, which is just behind the bushes 
in the background.
Many stones were quarried from this creek bed, which runs north of the Labyrinth, 
into the Blaeberry River.
The firepit, shown in the foreground, for purification ceremony prior to walking the 
Sacred Path ... a blend of N.A. Native and White traditions.
Looking northwest, across the lower Blaeberry Valley, and area rich in wildlife and 
a main passageway through the Continental Divide for early explorers to the West.
WASHOUT ~ May 25th, 2003
Above: A strong spring runoff completely destroyed half of the Labyrinth on May 25th, 2003.

Below: Photo taken June 5th, 2003, following arduous redefining work done
by some very determined souls.
In 1998, while experiencing a profound celebratory process of rekindling her connection with Mother Earth, and accessing a constant state of Praise and Gratitude, Elaya*Star was inspired to begin building a labyrinth. She didn't know what Lord Mikael had in mind as she toiled throughout that very hot summer, doing ceremony, quarrying stones, measuring and laying out the pattern given to her. It wasn't until June, 2002, four years later, that the greater meaning of the Labyrinth was given.  The following message came through on June 19th, 2002.
Right: Mystical morning

Below: Entrance altar with Labyrinth in background
To Those Who Choose To Visit:

Following the washout, Spirit indicated that the energy nucleus of the ElectroMagnetic Vortex pulled back into the heart of the mountain which rises above, due to the distortion of the Labyrinth's geometry. We were informed that the geometry serves as an attractor for the Vortex energies, so when half the Labyrinth was washed out, it could no longer influence the Vortex. 

This situation was resolved early in the summer, 2004, when the reconstruction work on the Labyrinth was completed. However, an outer altar and firepit, (see photos above) were completely buried by rocks and glacial silt. Also, the sacred space on the north side of the labyrinth which was used for ritual ceremony was severely damaged by the runoff. 

In 2012, a restructing and recalibrating of the Vortex Labyrinth was achieved through a weekend workshop. For the amazing results of that work, you will find a link at the bottom of this page.

Anyone feeling moved by Spirit to walk the Labyrinth is welcome. The site is on Crown Land, so you need not ask anyone's permission to walk the Sacred Path. The site belongs to no 'one' and 'everyone! And so it is with all Sacred Sites. 

May our paths cross ... MANY BLESSINGS!   ~ Elaya

For further information, please contact Elaya

Below: A photo of the original Labyrinth after reconstruction.
It was photographed from a helicopter - October, 2006
After receiving Lord Mikael's (June 19th) message, Elaya asked for confirmation of the information received, which Archangel Mikael indicated would come. In the same timeframe, a dedicated steward of the Labyrinth, Sheryl Walker, forwarded photos and a query regarding various stones and the significance of the Labyrinth to a psychic friend, Jacy. Jacy wasn't given any information regarding the Temple of Lord Mikael or the Vortex, and Sheryl was not aware of the Labyrinth's significance at the time. Following is Jacy's reply to Sheryl. This "confirmation" was emailed to Elaya on July 19th, 'one month to the day' after receiving Lord Mikael's (June 19th) message. 

Following is the text of that email from Jacy ...

A reconstruction and recalibration of the Labyrinth Spiral and Centre was completed and activated at Summer Solstice 2012.
For that photo story, follow the link below.
Labyrinth Genesis