Composite photo taken on Lake Louise. 
Pictured are elaya*(left) and Blue Mountain Dove (right). 
Taken while they attended the "Conclave of Michael" March, 1994

― Photos by Blue Mountain Dove & elaya* 
Plain of 
Six GlaciersTrail 
winding its way to 
the tea house.
Glacier covered Mt.Victoria 
in background.
― Photo by elaya*
Plain of Six Glaciers, looking back towards Lake Louise. Getting close 
to the teahouse and looking forward to a snack. ― Photo by elaya*
GLACIERS - Abbot Pass with Mt. Victoria (right) Mt. LeFroy (left)
Taken from the end of the trail beyond the teahouse.  ― Photo by elaya*
Looking towards Paradise Valley to the south, we see the north side of 
the Mitre (centre rear) with massive Mt. LeFroy on the right. ― Photo by elaya*
Glacial melt from Mt. Victoria on warm summer day. Taken 
a short climb from the end of the trail, above the teahouse at
Plain of Six Glaciers.

Climbing in this type of scree can be difficult. Proper hiking boots are recommended.

― Photo by elaya*
Lake Louise (Chalice of Faith) is a powerful sacred site. It holds a balancing and healing energy of great intensity. This energy affects every visitor who journeys to this sanctuary ... and there are many visitors from around the world. 

Contrary to what one might think, the vibrational frequency of Lake Louise is not adversely affected by the hundreds of daily visitors. In fact, it is enhanced! 
Without exception, visitors are moved by the energy and the incredibly inspiring beauty of the landscape. Most visitors experience a sense of profound awe. It is an experience in itself to simply sit on a bench and witness their reactions to this Sacred Site. The visitors' uplifting, emotional energy is released into the sanctuary and contributes to the incredible energy of the lake. 

The above paraphrases an article written by Tyberonn, a channel, author, geologist and world traveler. To read Tyberonn's amazing story relating his personal experiences at Lake Louise, please click HERE.
Lord Mikael & Lady Faith
elaya* smudging sacred objects in preparation for ceremony.
- Lake Louise on a cool August day, 2007 -
Lake Louise - A typical summer day ― Photo by elaya*
Chalice of Faith
Lake Louise
Lake Louise and 
Mt. Victoria, beautifully framed by one of the Chateau Lake Louise's famous arched windows.
― Photo by elaya*
"That first visit was brief, but made a deep impression. I have revisited Lake Louise over dozens of times in the past 25 years. 
I soon recognized it was a living cathedral, and later still I have become aware of a divine angelic presence 
anchored to its energy."  ― Tyberonn