The Mandala Art of Ronel Duvenage

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:: Pictured above: "Star" ::
Original Design on cloth - Hanging in "The Well" at Temenos Healing Center,  Western Cape, S. Africa
::  CLOTH MANDALAS  —  Original Mandala Designs
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Cloth Mandalas & Sacred Dream Mandalas 
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To view more Sacred Dream Mandalas, please go to the photo link at the left.
:: SACRED DREAM MANDALAS  —  Glass & wooden beads, stones, 
                                                                     crystals, hemp twine & feathers
                                                                     Original Mandala Designs
Ronel grew up on a farm in South Africa near Johannesburg.  She has fond childhood memories of playing barefoot in fields of flowers, running among fruit trees and through the vegetables patches. Being close to nature inspired Ronel from a very early age ... a true elemental being! 

Ronel traveled the world and felt profoundly connected with Indigenous Peoples in each country she visited. Their art, music and lifestyle was always an inspiration to her. 

However, it wasn't until she returned to South Africa around 1995, that Ronel began developing her art fulltime. She often found herself doodling a flower within a flower ... inside another. Then one day, she realized that these repetitive patterns formed intricate circular designs. She had discovered mandalas!

To learn more about mandalas, Ronel flew to India. For 3 months she immersed herself in the subject of creating and the practices involved in sacred circles. She knew through her travels, that sacred circles were integral to many cultures. They were used in sacred art and in ceremony. Sacred circles were also found at the core of the spiritual teachings and lifestyles of the Indigenous Peoples.

For years Ronel applied herself to painting numerous large mandalas on cloth and canvas, as well as on walls and meditation cushions. In 2010, she began creating glass bead mandalas which could be used as Dream Light Catchers or as Sun Prisms. 

In 2012, Ronel was inspired to work with crystals and gemstones. This is when she received the vision of her newly created 'Mandala Africa' Sacred Art website. Each of Ronel's art pieces displayed on her site, are unique ... never to be repeated. True gifts of Spirit!

Enjoy a few of Ronel's artpieces in the following albums ....
RONEL DUVENAGE is a South African visionary artist, whose works are inspired by Nature and created through Spirit. She met Elaya through the Angelic Temple website, and they have enjoyed a strong connection online for 2 years. Ronel granted Elaya permission to use her "Union" cloth mandala on the StarGrid webpage of this website. 
Left: Ronel with Goma enjoying time together