Mount Assiniboine
Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies
Masculine Polarity of the StarGrid
Full Moon - September 15, 1989
Note from Elaya . . . .
As the September Full Moon drew near, my dear friends, Clay Simpson and Amy Nold, prepared to accompany me on the final journey of the gridlaying, along with my oldest son, Allan. How appropriate that my son, my firstborn, should be present when the masculine polarity of the StarGrid was seeded. 

This trek would prove to be the most arduous for me. The trail from the Kananaskis area was 23 km one-way - the shortest route to Assiniboine. We decided to use trail bikes for the first 15.5 km and hike the last 7.5 km over the pass into Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. Allan and I were to go in on September 14th, stay overnight, plant the crystal and return the following day. Clay and Amy stayed at Mt. Assiniboine Lodge an extra day. We didn't get underway until 1:00 p.m. 
Mountain Biking to the Great Divide

Although I owned a mountain bike, the only riding I had done was around my neighbourhood. I certainly wasn't prepared for the adventure that lay before me. For a novice mountainbiker like myself, the first part of the trip would have been easier on foot. However, I soon learned how not to summersault while backpacking and tearing down a 45 degree incline. I did skin one elbow and a knee while getting on my bike, as the weight of my backpack toppled me over to the other side. Overall, I'm pretty proud of my first attempt biking the wilds. 

The lower Bryant Creek Valley is wide and beautiful. Most of the ride was wonderful in spite of the body strain. About halfway up we stopped for water at the Warden's Station. We were told to be cautious at the foot of Assiniboine Pass as grizzlies were sighted daily in that area. The weather was superb for mid-September and my main problems were the weight of my pack and keeping up with the others. Part way up the valley, Amy elected to trade packs as hers was lighter. This was a welcome relief. It was late that afternoon when we finally arrived at the foot of the pass where we left our bikes and began our hike up over the Continental Divide.
First Glimpse

We were concerned about the time. It was important to arrive at our destination before sunset, so we decided to push a little harder. My body began to complain bitterly. I realized how much I tensed up during my ride up the valley. Clay, Amy and Allan were all very supportive and took turns packing for me to alleviate the strain on my back. It was then we wished that we had sent our packs up by helicopter. Hindsight is 20/20. There were many bear droppings around, so we spoke loudly. The bears kept their distance the whole time. 

As we climbed the pass, I got very excited. I have strong feelings for Mt. Assiniboine, and the thought of actually laying eyes upon it for the first time was 'over the top' exciting! Of course, I had seen hundreds of photos, but this would be my first time up close. 

Mount Assiniboine is situated on the Divide, miles from any roads and surrounded by lofty mountains on all sides. In order to experience this powerful vortex, one must be willing to make the effort to reach it. The moment came when we made a hairpin turn on the trail and there it was, majestic and radiant in the evening sun. Tears welled up as I gazed at the main receiver for Archangel Mikaël's Temple. Simply looking at the Mountain gave me the much needed energy to continue.
Trekking Down to Lake Magog

I couldn't believe how energized I felt. I knew where this crystal wanted to be planted, on the north side of the lake. We found a path which led to the lakeshore. Allan and I made our way down silently. As we neared the site, we walked around slowly. The vegetation in the area was dwarfed due to the altitude. Allan walked ahead of me, very intent on the task at hand. Suddenly, he turned to me and said, "I think I've found the spot, Mom." I went over to where he was kneeling. I saw a circle of five bushes, a number I associate with transformation and the Star Sirius. An electrifying rush came over me, and momentarily I felt like I was back on Mount Shasta. I realized that these familiar looking bushes were miniature versions of the manzanitas which abound on that Sacred Mountain. 

As I set my daypack down, Allan began to dig. I took out the remaining crystal and laid it down with a few others on the ground. This stone was the largest to be planted, and was gifted for the gridwork by Sharon Anderson, a dear friend from LaConner, Washington. It was unusual in that the quartz point was connected to a piece of pyrite approximately one inch long. 

As I prepared to bury this crystal in Mother's folds, a recent comment from my mentor, Hal Pym, regarding this crystal came to mind. Hal, Magi and I were sitting at their diningroom table meditating, with the grid map spread out and the selected crystals placed on their respective points. It came through Hal that this stone's focus was to facilitate the surrender of the power strongholds within the political and financial infrastructures on the planet, and to heal sexual abuse in its many forms. Phenomenally, it was only three months after this crystal laying ,that the entire Planet felt the impact as a powerful, patriarchal symbol ... the Berlin Wall came down.  I knew this crystal played a role in that amazing event.
Elaya and Allan's cabin with
 Mt. Assiniboine in background
Full Moon Morning
September 15th, 1989
Completion of StarGrid ... feeling weak in the knees 

I placed my quartz necklace in a circle around the hole. Then Allan and I took all the other crystals out of their pouches. Many were offered as power generators for this last crystal layout. One of the stones which I was asked to bring to this location was an exquisite pink quartz heart (see centre of photo) which belonged to Rosemary, a sister in Mount Shasta. I set its healing presence in the ritual. Then, the large quartz/pyrite was in my hand. As I gently set it in the circle, I affirmed healing of the abuse of money, sex and power on the planet. Before releasing the last stone at the final gridpoint, Allan and I visualized a circle of White Light encompassing the grid. We then visualized another circle of Archangel Mikaël's Blue Flame of Protection surrounding the entire Temple starfield. With tears in my eyes, I released the stone, and covered it with Mother's soil. 

Two full moon cycles after it had begun, the work was complete! I wasn't prepared for the mixed bag of emotions which overcame me. Allan helped me up. I stood shaking and I felt weak in the knees. My Spirit was totally expanded in reverence and profound gratitude in the realization that 'the Work was done'. I felt locked in suspended animation. Even as I write this five months later, the tears are flowing. I still have difficulty containing this profound experience and the raminications it implies ... which I continue to assimilate ... and likely will for years to come. 
Crystals laid out at the final 
point of the StarGrid. The Quarts/Pyrite is on the bottom left of the photo.
Divine Synchronicity

Allan drew me out of this state as he gently touched my shoulder and said, "Mom, look at that cloud!" I turned westward, in the direction he was pointing. There in a cloudless sky, one, perfectly circular cloud had formed, immediately to the right of Mount Assiniboine, silhouetted against the last remaining light of day. As we watched, it quickly took three different forms then dissipated. The first form was the Sun Symbol (original swastika) within a circle, the ancient symbol for the sun ... and energy in motion. This confirmed for me that the grid was fully activated. Secondly, the 'sun symbol' transformed into a five-pointed star within the same circle. This is the symbol for the Star Sirius, which plays a huge part in my unfolding. Then the circle dissipated and what was left looked like a man in freefall ... depicting what I felt like in the moment.

The unusual cloud was noticed by patrons in the lodge including Clay and Amy. I silently gave thanks for the blessing of these signs in the heavens. The significance of this phenomena is varied and represents ongoing discovery for me at a personal level. The unusual cloud was witnessed by patrons in the lodge, including Clay and Amy.

As Allan & I turned towards our cabin, Divine Synchronicity blessed us with our first view of the Full Moon as it crested above Marvel Mountain to the east.  That mountain's name was just one more delicious acknowledgement that Spirit gifted us that day.

What a magnificent sight! ~ What a sacred moment! ~ Humbling
The Mountain at Dusk

The sun was getting low and the last few kilometers were exhausting. Finally, we made it over the pass in good spirits. Clay and Amy went on ahead of us, as they wanted to reach the lodge in time for dinner. Allan and I were staying at the park cabins and carried our own food with us. 
We arrived on the shores of Lake Magog at sunset. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. The Mountain rose like some mystical giant above the lake, partially silhouetted against the setting sun which was well out of sight from our vantage point. 

The peak of this Full Moon in Pisces would occur at 6:50 am the next morning. As I gazed at the wondrous site before me, all my discomforts seem to fade away. I turned to Allan and said, "Let's plant the crystal now." 

Without hesitation, he agreed. We went to the lodge to tell Clay and Amy. They were settling in and elected to remain inside and hold the energy for us. Allan and I continued half a kilometer to the Park cabins, found a vacant one and left our gear.
Mount Assiniboine