Flying to our Destinations
Anxious moments: Elaya writes ....

I literally chewed a few fingernails as I contemplated planting the northeast and southeast points. Both locations were very remote and inaccessible. After many fruitless enquiries, I asked for Guidance. I called my oldest son's wife, Kelly, who had indicated that she wanted to accompany me on the northeast planting. During our conversation, I jokingly said, "We should hire a helicopter and do two points in one day." 

Kelly didn't laugh, but said, "Check out how much it would cost us." As my budget didn't allow for such extravagance, I immediately replied, "Kelly, it would cost an arm and a leg!" She persisted, "Check it out!" 

During the next few days, I contacted a few helicopter companies that operate in the Banff area. I felt good about Canmore Helicopters Ltd., which flew out of the Town of Canmore, 20 minutes east of Banff. This was an ideal departure point for the trip, as our destination sites lay north and east of Canmore. I called Kelly back with a price. It was a costly idea and I felt somewhat ill-at-ease about it. Kelly, however, said, "Let's book a flight next Friday." 

I immediately began to argue, but she answered firmly, "Allan and I have talked about this. The money which is coming to us at the moment ... we know that some of it is for the Work. So please, let us do the Work!"

Well, I can recognize a loving thump on the head when I get one. The next day I booked the flight for Friday, September 9th. 

The day before our flight, Kelly and my grandaughter, Sarah, had driven to Golden, BC, to join me. It had been a very rainy August and the foul weather carried on into September. We affirmed sunshine as the scenery was spectacular and we didn't want to miss any of it. We grinned at each other as Kelly said, "Three generations of goddesses planting a crystal stargrid". My heart was stretched beyond its limit! Our flight left at 2:00 p.m. The sun was shining although there were still numerous clouds in the sky. However, as the day wore on, the clouds dissipated until only a few remained. 

Our pilot was Lance Cooper. Kelly and I dubbed him "Lancelot". Sarah was a joy to have along. Her curiosity and eagerness added immensely to the journey. She was particularly enjoying our chariot's communication apparatus, and took every opportunity to relate what she was seeing as we flew north over the tip of Lake Minnewanka and up the Cascade River valley. Lance drew our attention to slopes where he knew we'd see wildlife. There were herds of goats and bighorn sheep. They scattered in every direction at our approach. 

For a while, Sarah and I scanned to valley floor, looking for bear. Unfortunately, Kelly had vertigo and was unable to look out the helicopter windows. She lay with her head in her hands. All was not lost as Sarah energetically continued her detailed report of events and sightings. Our outward bound flight to an area between Forbidden Creek and Lost Guide Creek would take 35-45 minutes. We flew so close to the snowcapped peaks that I felt I could touch them. There was a wonderful interaction with these glorious mountain people occurring on the inner planes. Finally, we approached the general area of the northeast point.

I gazed around at many high alpine drainages, all well above the tree line. I motioned to Lance to fly more to the east, which he promptly did. Finally, like a magnet I was drawn to a very rocky alpine area with tiny patches of green. "Down there!" I pointed as I quickly snapped a few photos. Within minutes, we were easing down on some reasonably level scree. 

What a powerful sense of exhilaration we all felt as we jumped out of the helicopter! Like children, we played and danced about, then took some time to roam around, while the awareness of where we were made itself known to every last cell and molecule in our bodies. This place was so natural and wild! Perhaps we were the first to set foot upon these rocks. What an exciting idea! It was like stepping down onto some distant planet. In my wanderings, I noticed a circle of rocks with tufts of green here and there. I gave it my full attention. A rush of energy confirmed that this was the location of the fifth point of the stargrid. 
NE & SE Points
The meadow was much larger than anticipated. We did a lot of laughing and squealing as animal droppings  were so numerous, we had to watch every step. I stopped to check in with my Guidance. As I turned in a circular motion, I noticed a circle of trees in the northwest area of the meadow. I pointed to it and Kelly, Sarah and I hopscotched in that direction. As we entered the circle within a circle, the first thing we noticed was that there were no droppings afoot, although it was several feet across. I grinned. This was definitely the chosen site. We put our packs down and I began to dig the hole. Kelly and I both knew of Buffalo Lake, the major vortex of the planetary grid which was aligned with this area, east of Red Deer, Alberta. We were very much aware of this as we proceeded with the planting. 

I set out the remaining stones and picked up the quartz cluster which was to go in at this point. This cluster was gifted by a loving sister, Joan McIntyre (Caeli Fullbrite), when I stopped overnight to see her, on my way up through British Columbia, to do the grid laying. When Joan heard my story, she quietly left the room and came back with a lovely triangular quartz cluster. I immediately noticed that the prominent points rose in a spiral around the center. I sensed that this stone would be most suitable for the northeast point, aligned with the vortex. However, not wanting to interfere with the process, I asked her if she had any feelings about where it should go. The map was spread out on the floor. Joan was not aware of the vortex at that time. She bent over and pointed to the northeast location. Confirmation! 

Now crouched near me at the planting site, Sarah watched as I placed my crystal necklace around the hole I had dug. With the vortex in mind, I  carefully put the cluster, points up, into its resting place. Suddenly it was as if my body traveled through time and space. In a flash, a memory of Kelly, Sarah and I doing this work together before came in strongly. I buried the cluster and felt at one with the vortex at Buffalo Lake which pulled me into its powerful presence. 
NE Point

Lance asked where I'd like him to set down. I scanned the valley below and then I saw it. On a north slope in dense forest was a circular meadow. From the air it looked quite small and perfect in shape. "Down there, in that circle!"
Lance immediately came about and maneuvered the helicopter down,
landing almost directly in the center of the meadow. We all got out and began
to walk about.
SE Point

When I glanced up, Lance was ready to leave. It was time to proceed to our next destination - the fifth, southeast point of Archangel Mikaël's stargrid. This time, Lance took us over the mountains instead of up the valley. It somehow felt like riding a roller coaster when we neared each solid, craggy peak, crossing over, then viewing the valley gaping open on the other side. Our destination was just north of the Ghost River Wilderness Area and east of Mount Oliver outside the boundaries of Banff National Park. When we reached the general area, Lance checked with me for a landing site.
What a joyful planting! The clear quartz point which had been in the Great Pyramid of Egypt and my friend for many years, was placed there in the high scree on an unnamed mountain. To celebrate we continued our mountain goat gallops for a short time. I felt the angels dancing with us. 

Upon our return to Canmore, we were exhilarated and profoundly energized. I gave thanks for this journey and affirmed that I would focus on the effortless way of creating from now on. I hope I learned this valuable lesson well.

While driving to Golden after a lovely dinner in Banff, I felt the tug of the crystal which was buried on the shores of Cedar Lake. For some reason, I had been thinking alot about it lately. The work there felt incomplete and suddenly, there was an urgency about it.
Right: Elaya getting ready to bury the crystal in the folds of an unnamed mountain in the eastern Rockies north of Canmore, AB.. 
Ready to board our mechanical angel!
Grandaughter Sarah is a great support as Elaya places
 the quartz cluster into the earth.
Left: Elaya's quartz necklace circles the site where the crystal is buried.

Notice the size of the boulder on the farside of  the helicopter. It's larger than the chopper.
Lancelot enjoying the view while Kelly photographs Sarah in the background.