Challenges on the way to
A few days after laying the crystal in the SW point of the StarGrid, Elaya met David Gurney of Albyon, California. David had come to Canada with a mutual friend to do some wilderness hiking. When he heard what Elaya was doing, he volunteered to assist. David and Elaya set out to lay the northwest point on August 8th. Following is Elaya's ongoing story.
All the Information was Obscure . . .

It was a very gray morning. The crystal was to be placed in the Canyon Creek drainage area, at the foot of Moonraker Mountain, a 16 km hike that would take us immediately east of Glacier National Park.

I had spent two frustrating weeks researching the known trails in the Golden area through various "reliable" sources. The exact location of the trailhead was obscure and little was known about it by the locals that I met. The endless patchwork of logging roads on the slopes seemed to have everyone confused. The other problem was that the trail was not used a great deal. 

"It could have grown over", I was told at the Forestry Office.

Another man that I consulted said, 
"I wouldn't go in there without a gun if I were you. It's full of grizzlies!" 

I had a topo map and did manage to procure an aerial photograph from the Forestry Office. 
A local tour guide who insisted that she knew where the trailhead was located, was hired to 4-wheel David and I there, the morning of August 8th.
Trial and Error . . .

At 6:00 am, David and I were dropped off at the bottom of a large clearcut on the west side of the Columbia Valley, across from the Town of Golden. Fortunately, following the guide's advice, I had driven my car up the logging road as far as it could go. We were told that the trailhead was on the upper edge of the clearcut. After imparting some precautions, our guide drove away, leaving us standing in this sloped, open field in the pouring rain.

David and I spent hours that morning, probing the upper reaches of this clearcut. We could not locate the trailhead. We double-checked the maps and the information we had obtained, then started again, and again, and again. All we found was one trailmarker hanging from a tree, on the edge of a cliff that seemed to go straight down into the canyon below.

After literally hours of this pursuit, cold, wet and frustrated, we hiked back down the road to my car. As I sat in the driver's seat, I was immediately impressed to drive to Cedar Lake which we had passed on the way up.
Moonraker Mountain 
I felt as gray as the morning when we arrived at the lake. Not knowing what to think or do, I went off on my own and meditated, while David explored the lakeshore. The crystal designated for this point had journeyed to Machu Picchu to be placed on the Altar of the Sun. Although it was a 'small' clear quartz point, it had proven to be very powerful as it worked with me during the past several years. I sat down by the lake and held this precious crystal in my left hand and began to meditate. 

"What should I do?" I asked in desperation. 

Instantly, I was transported to my destination - the top of the Canyon Creek watershed, below Moonraker Mountain. I saw the mountain looming over me and could feel enormous energy coursing from the peak ... through my body and into the crystal. Then ... as quickly as I had left, I was back at Cedar Lake, my heart pounding. I felt numb and stood there motionless. 

Immediately, a message came to plant the crystal along the shore in a safe place, and to not be attached to the physical location of the gridpoint. This was very difficult for me ... being a Capricorn. I'm a stickler for detail! As if to set my mind at ease, Archangel Mikael's earlier counsel echoed clearly in my mind ...

"Only through Trust and Faith will the work be achieved."

... And that's what it took to bury that precious crystal near the lake ... an act of absolute Faith and Trust in the Archangel's words.

When it was done, I tied the hotpink trailmarker that I found earlier at the clearcut, on one of the branches of the tree closest to the site. With no thought about what I was doing, I wrote the name "Mikael" on the marker with a black felt pen I just happen to have in my pack. Weeks later, I would come to realize how important this small task was to the successful completion of the StarGrid. ... more later!

It was 12:00 noon when David and I headed back to town, feeling quite dejected. We had spent six hours in the pouring rain and were completely drenched.
Northwest Point
~ Moonraker Mountain  ~