The designation of Michael Peak as the "Peak of Initiation" was made known in a very dramatic way. This occurred following an initiation, December 20th, 1997, at Emerald Lake. [See story below]
 A Winter Solstice Healing Journey to Emerald Lake - 1997

A new acquaintance had asked to be taken to Emerald Lake to make contact with Lord Mikael. He had very recently been widowed and was in a deep grieving process. elaya* escorted the widower to a chosen point on the far side of the lake, trudging in knee deep snow all the way. 

A powerful contact was made with Lord Mikael and Lady Faith. The initiate released much grief and experienced profound healing.  Elaya was prompted to take her leave allowing him time alone in the Presence. 

Feeling profoundly moved and very introspect, elaya* walked the perimeter of the frozen surface of the lake, quietly making her way back to the lodge. The initiation had stirred something deep inside of her. She walked about 10 minutes, when she heard a very loud voice within saying, "Turn around!" 

Elaya* didn't comply. She kept on walking. Again she heard, "Turn around!" 
The voice was much louder ... and very firm!

Elaya quickly turned and looked in the direction of the initiate. He was still standing on the frozen lake with his arms outstretched, exactly as she had left him. 
Left: Michael Peak
from Emerald Lake 
- Yoho National Park -
Above: A beautiful summer view of Michael Peak from Emerald Lake. Michael Pk. (centre-right) is the lower peak, on the slope of the mountain.
When elaya*looked above where he stood, a huge rush of energy coursed through her.

Directly above him was Michael Peak. The voice  rang out again, "Behold ... the Peak of Initiation!"
In that moment, elaya* was stunned and trembling in wonder. She couldn't believe that she hadn't understood this before, as she was personally initiated in the shadow of this sacred peak in 1984, by a "metaphysical teacher" from Cyprus she 'happened' to cross paths with. 

To read about elaya's initiation under Michael Peak in 1984, click HERE
Beautiful Takakkaw Falls in Yoho Valley. 
This magnificent 1,000-foot drop is located across Yoho Valley from Michael Peak.

See below for view of the falls from a vantage point on the mountain below Michael Peak.
Right: View of Takakkaw Falls, including glacial system that feeds it, taken from the high scree, below Michael Peak.
Michael Peak from Yoho Valley, Yoho National Park

Breathtaking Moments Captured in Yoho Valley 
by Lawrence & Joanne from New York - September, 2004
Above & Right: 
Sun setting over Michael Peak.
Spectral Light captured from below Takkakaw Falls.
Michael Peak from Yoho Valley near Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National Park, BC, Canada
Left: Beautiful fall colours in the flora along
the trail.
Below: A friendly visitor
Left: Blue Mountain Dove hiking up the trail to Laughing Falls.
Below: Laughing Falls
Below:  Natural grotto revealing colourful flora growth. Near Laughing Falls
Below: Outstanding mountain summit with natural 'temple' formation
Left: Our popularity with  the ground squirrels that day was exceptional. However, we were careful not to feed them, as this makes these creatures dependent on hikers' offerings.  
Feeding any wild animal is not permitted in 
the National Parks.
Left: elaya* enjoying a quiet moment above Laughing Falls.
The gurgling sounds of the falls have a profoundly soothing effect on the soul.

These precious moments are 
all too short. 
Above left:  A beautiful natural garden found at a hairpin turn in the trail, taken from the lower side.
Above right: A view of the same garden from the high side of the hairpin turn.
Mother Earth's landscaping skills are tops!
Beautiful mountain vistas heading back down the trail
Below:  Cathedral Mountain
A Day-Hike in YOHO Valley ~ September, 2006
Beautiful scenery surrounds Michael Peak!
Emerald Lake to the west 
& Yoho Valley to the east
Peak of Initiation
Peak of Initiation
What a wonderful trail, with the Cathedral Mtn. range in the background. They are stunning from our high vantage point.