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NW Point
Our hike up to the Canyon Creek area was very pleasant while somewhat exhausting for me, as I had very little sleep the night before. This was due to my mounting excitement with the completion of the grid in sight. It was with great relief to replant the crystal in a very magnetic and idyllic place high on above the watershed, overlooking the entire drainage. 

As we descended from the mountain, my heart felt full and very calm. Suddenly, my consciousness expanded to contain the entire StarGrid. All the crystals in their various locations were very tactile to my senses ... part of my cellular structure! I felt like I was floating down the mountain in this state of innermost solitude, while embracing the entire grid. The completion of the gridlaying was in sight, and a state of boundless joy, humility and reverence swelled within my heart.
The next point to be planted was the south point at Mount Assiniboine during the Full Moon of September 15th. This planting would complete the grid. Suddenly, a strong impulse came over me to return to the Cedar Lake to relocate the crystal at the northwest point. I voiced my feelings out loud and Kelly said, "Let's do it tomorrow." It was agreed, we'd complete this task the next day. 

We drove to Cedar Lake the morning of September 10th to retrieve the quartz crystal which had been planted there a month earlier. It was fortunate that I had left a trailmarker at the site of the original planting. However, it took a considerable amount of  digging to find the crystal as the ground had shifted with midsummer growth. Kelly finally found it as she groped around in the ground. I had an inspiration  about the location of the illusive trailhead to the Canyon Creek watershed, so, following my intuition, we found it with ease.
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A Strong Impulse to ...
High alpine showing Moonraker peak at the top of the valley (background) 
with Purcell Lodge on the right foreground.
- Photo courtesy of Sashara Mikaella -