Some Sacred Sites are familiar landmarks in the National Parks of the Canadian Rockies, and that is not by coincidence! Millions of people are drawn to the Parks annually, without being conscious that they walk the Temple realm. Nonetheless, countless blessings are received by all who journey there. 

When the Sacred Sites were designated, Elaya did not realize that this information would one day be shared with others. She fully believed that her experience was personal. Through further contact, Elaya learned that she was an emissary, who's mission it was to bring attention to this sacred ground. "The Temple is one of Earth's greatest treasures", she was told. She was shown that few had yet awakened sufficiently to perceive these higher frequencies, but this would soon change. 

The Archangel painstakingly revealed each sacred power spot to Elaya as she was ready to receive the information. The Heart of the Temple was impressed upon her late July, 1987, when she first ventured into Paradise Valley. Elaya chose this hike to focus and prepare herself for Harmonic Convergence that year. She didn't fully realize the magnitude of  these revelations at the time. Confirmation of the Temple Centre came two years later in Mount Shasta. 
During the 1980s & '90s, Elaya was gently guided to the Sacred Sites of the Rockies. Confirmation always followed 
her guidance, allowing her to move with confidence when she was prompted to share her revelations. 

In 1998, Elaya was informed that it was TIME FOR REUNION. Many initiates were coming to the Temple to make contact with the angelic Presence. Elaya was asked to share the Sacred Site information which would facilitate these contacts. She was shown that it was also time for the REUNION OF TWIN FLAMES. 
Following , you will find data regarding the 9 Sacred Sites that have been revealed and confirmed. Elaya was informed that there are 12 sites, but the last three are not in manifest form. They are in the etheric. Initiates who fervently seek 'contact' will be transported to the etheric sites in their Light Bodies, when they are ready for this experience.
Sacred Sites ~ Trail Information

1. HOLY OF HOLIES - Temple Centre, Giant Steps, Paradise Valley, Banff National Park
It's interesting to note that when studying a topographical map of the Centre of the Temple, you will discover that Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and Lake O'Hara form an equilateral triangle. around the Holy of Holies - the Giant Steps. 

THE HIKE: The trail system in Paradise Valley is being redirected, and the camping area relocated. Please check with the Parks prior to venturing into the Valley. Parking is available at the trailhead, located a short distance up the Moraine Lake Road (turn left off the Lake Louise Road). Current trail information is available at the Parks Centre in Lake Louise. Gallery (Link)  
2. ABODE OF THE ANGELS  - Moraine Lake - Banff National Pk.
Elaya was made aware of the elementals that come to this magnificent lake to replenish and regenerate. It is a wonderful experience to sit in silence and meditate, while visiting this blue-green gem. You may easily connect with the devas that abound in this haven.

HIKE: Vehicles have direct access to the lake and no hiking is required. However, many spectacular hiking trails into the backcountry are accessible from the Moraine Lake area. Information is posted on Parks signboards in the area. Gallery (Link)
3. CHALICE OF FAITH - Lake Louise - Banff National Park
This magnificent, indescribable lake truly is a wellspring of divine feminine energies. Elaya was profoundly moved when given this information. The spectacular panorama moves the soul to a renewed Faith in our divine origins. 

Elaya suggests being at the lake early in the morning before sunrise. The increasing light of day refracts and glistens on the glaciers of Mount Victoria. The light dances in phenomenal ways. Very few people are around, making this a good time to connect at the divine well of Faith.

HIKE: Vehicles have access to the lake and no hiking is required. One can take a pleasant walk around to the far end of the lake and back. However, other spectacular and challenging hiking trails are also accessible from the area. Gallery (Link) 
4. SANCTUARY OF TWIN FLAMES - Lake O'Hara - Yoho National Park
What a powerful frequency this Lake Presence holds. In meditation, Elaya was shown a huge Golden Pyramid of Light overlaying the azure lake. This is a healing Temple where the schism between male and female energies is dissolved. The message came to Elaya, that Lake O'Hara is the "Sanctuary of Twin Flames", a place where one can encounter their Divine Complement. 

HIKE: Lake O'Hara is not accessible by motor vehicle. A shuttle bus is available during the summer months. A limited number of visitors are allowed to this pristine site on a daily basis. It is recommended that reservations be made for the shuttle 90 days in advance of your visit. One can also walk up to the Sanctuary. It is an 8 mile hike from the shuttle bus depot on the TransCanada Hwy. There is a large system of beautiful alpine trails around Lake O'Hara. A campsite and cabins may be booked for overnight stays. In the winter, one can cross-country ski to the lodge. Gallery (Link)
5PEAK OF INITIATION - Michael Peak - Yoho National Park
The Peak of Initiation is the location where Elaya began seeking higher frequencies of the angelic realm in 1984. The peak named Michael juts out from the President Range on the North end of a saddle between Yoho Valley and Emerald Lake. There are numerous stories involving this site. Elaya has witnessed seekers being initiated here by Lord Mikael and Lady Faith.

HIKE: Elaya's favourite access to the Peak is from Yoho Valley. The trailhead is near the hostel. However, you can also access the site from the far end of Emerald Lake. Trail maps are available at the Information Centre on the TransCanada Hwy in Field. Gallery (Link) 
6. CRYSTALLINE MATRIX of the CHRISTOS  - Athabasca Glacier & Columbia Ice Fields - Jasper National Park
Elaya has always loved walking the Athabasca Glacier. It's easily accessed, exciting and adventurous. She was given information regarding the essence of this glacier system in the late 80s. Confirmation came much later from a number of unexpected sources.

HIKE: There is vehicle access to the foot of the glacier where visitors can trek onto it. Special buses, with safety equipment for more serious adventuring, drive up along side the glacier, then onto it's surface some distance away from the parking area. This is an exhilarating way to experience the Christ Frequency which imbues the spectacular Columbia Ice Fields. However, make sure to take a warm jacket. When the wind funnels down the icy slopes of the glacier, a warm summer day can feel like winter. Gallery (Link) 

To get your adrenaline running, you may also enjoy the newly opened "Glacier Skywalk" (2014).                    
For more information:
7. BEACON of the ARCHANGELIC RAY - Mt. Assiniboine - Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Columbia
This pyramidal mountain is the primary receiver and transmitter of Energies from the etheric Temple of Lord Mikael. It is also the location of the final point to be laid in the StarGrid. 
"The energy near this sacred mountain surpasses anything I have yet experienced. My oldest son, Allan, accompanied me on that particular journey. Four days after returning home, he turned to me in a contemplative mood and said, 'Mom, do you still feel it?' I knew exactly what he meant. I smiled and vigorously nodded, Yes!" - Elaya

HIKE: There are many routes to Mt. Assiniboine and some research is required to discover one that is suitable for you. The mountain sits astride the Continental Divide. Elaya chose to hike in from the south end of  the Spray Lakes Reservoir and up the Bryant Creek trail, on the Alberta side of the Divide south of the Town of Canmore. She and her party then climbed over the Divide into British Columbia. At 23.5 kms. (14.57 miles) one way, this hike is the shortest route to Mount Assiniboine. Gallery (Link)  
8. ESSENCE OF LOVE - Lake Oesa - Yoho National Park
Lord Mikael has designated this site "Essence of Love". The location was confirmed on September 12th, 2000, when three women journeyed to Lake Oesa with Elaya for this purpose. The confirmation revealed that when Sanat Kumara ascended back to his beloved Venus from the Temple in 1953, the event took place on the shores of this glacial lake. A small tree grows in the high scree, where Lord Kumara left this plane in a burst of Love.

Upon arrival, hikers will find the tree in the scree to the far right of the lake. Those who found it in the past, built a stone wall around the tree to protect it. The energy of the sacred tree immediately opens the heart. 

HIKE: The hike to Lake Oesa begins at Lake O'Hara. The trail is short, but very steep most of the way. There are numerous hanging lakes along the trail and some of the most spectacular scenery in the Parks. Lake Oesa is located immediately adjacent to the Continental Divide, below Abbott Pass. (For more hiking information on the area, please refer to the Lake O'Hara site [No. 4] above.) Gallery (Link) 
    - ElectroMagnetic Vortex Labyrinth - Blaeberry Valley, North of the Town of Golden, British Columbia. 
This is the most recent and final Sacred Site to be revealed through Elaya. The location of this site is an ElectroMagnetic Vortex deep within a Mountain in the Blaeberry Valley. A Labyrinth was initiated by Elaya at the foot of the mountain, which serves as the focal point to access the powerful Vortex energies.

HIKE: One can drive up Blaeberry Road to the 2nd creek bridge. This creek runs adjacent to this Sacred Site. From the bridge, it is a short hike (5 mins) down the creek bed to the Labyrinth. Magnificent views surround the area. Local maps are available at the Visitor Centre in downtown Golden. You may also get specific directions by contacting Elaya. Gallery (Link)

Message To Those Who Choose To Come to the Labyrinth

In January 2012, elaya received an urgent message from Archangel Mikael. He advised the Labyrinth would require recalibration that year due to the forth coming full activation of the Electro-Magnetic Vortex within the mountain that towers above the Labyrinth. This activation would occur on December 21st of that year. 

Elaya immediately initiated a workshop, which occurred on the Summer Solstice weekend that year. A group of 'master stone workers' came to assist in this powerful work. 

That story is available at this link:  Vortex Labyrinth 2012

​For the story of the original Labyrinth please go to this link: Gathering Place of Praise and Celebration

Anyone feeling moved by Spirit to walk the Labyrinth is welcome. You need not ask anyone's permission. As you come in the Spirit of Love ... only LOVE manifests. The site belongs to no 'one', but rather to all. It is so with all sacred sites.

May our paths cross ... BLESSINGS!
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