"Universal Genesis" 
by Hal Pym
6' x 6' tableau
The ultimate twin flames!
The unforgettable
 "Sanctuary of Twin Flames" 
Lake O'Hara
Yoho National Park, BC, Canada
6' x 6' tableau
by Hal Pym

In loving memory of 
my dear "Pops" Hal, 
who left this 
sweet Earth in 
August, 2002 
to be reunited with 
his Twin Flame.
Misty Morning Solitude
The Lake evokes a deep serenity. In meditation, elaya* was shown a Golden Pyramid of Light overlaying this pristine lake. The healing qualities of this Sacred Site ... the "Sanctuary of Twin Flames" were revealed.
Many Vistas and Hues of this Magnificent Lake
Left: East View, to the mountains of the Great Divide. --- Right: West View
Left: The ever changing colour of Lake O'Hara, hiking down from Lake Oesa.
Below: Lake O'Hara from Wiwaxy Gap Trail
Right: Just when you think it couldn't be more aqua, Lake O'Hara surprises you one more time.
Sanctuary of 
Twin Flames
Sanctuary of 
Twin Flames