This geometry is integral to the StarGrid. Years after the gridlaying, Lord Mikaël indicated that His Crystal was placed at the Centre of the Grid to transform the otherwise two-dimensional six-pointed star geometry into a multidimensional star tetrahedron, the Sacred Geometry of Ascension. 


You are encouraged to focus on the Yantra, breathe the pattern into your mind and allow your consciousness to accelerate into the Higher Harmonics of Universal Life.

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The Star Tetrahedron
 ~ Sacred Merkaba ~

Since 1989, much ancient ascension technology has been revealed, and many teachers are preparing initiates for the ascended state. Most of these technologies utilize the geometry of the Merkaba.

The image at the right is the Star Tetrahedron Yantra. By simply having an open-eye meditation with this image, using the breath to imprint the mandala into the mind, one can trigger aspects of consciousness that activate the Higher Harmonics of Universal Life.
While in Mount Shasta, I studied the many books and papers that were brought to me, subsequent to receiving the Directives from Archangel Mikaël. The volume of information that was volunteered was somewhat overwhelming. It was indeed a great honour, and a very humbling experience, to be acknowledged in this most gratifying way.

I found some of the best information in the book, "Crystal Connection", by Randall N. Baer and Vicki V. Baer. Following are some exerpts:

Page 262 - (Quoting from 'Vibrations: Healing Through Color, Homeopathy and Radionics')
"It appears that the whole source, motion, and function of light can be contained in that mysterious hexagonal figure known as the Seal of Solomon . . . as an energy pattern this figure expresses a spiral.  This figure is used to represent the marriage of the kundalini and the Primary Force. Two interlacing triangles, one descending, the other ascending, move toward a potential intersection at the heart chakra in the form of a hexagon . . . .This union or intersection creates the current which bears the light through the body."

(Quoting from The Crystal Connection text)
"In practical application, the Star of David gridwork, copyrighted by the Rev. Dr. Frank Alper, is exceptionally versatile for a broad range of reprogramming, healing, and interdimensional communication. The symbolic and energetic keynotes here are dynamic equilibrium, interdimensional harmony, and Light-unification."
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The above information enhanced my understanding of Archangel Mikaël's purpose as revealed through Thomas Printz: -

"My service is to restore to Heaven every lifestream who, through self-conscious use of God's pure energy, has removed itself from a state of Divine Harmony and Grace. 

"It is My Supreme Joy to wield the Power of God to bring Freedom to others and to teach them the Power to keep themselves Free.  I have sworn before the Sun that I shall serve until the three Kingdoms on this planet all co-exist in the original state of God Freedom I found when I escorted the First Root Race out from the Gates of Heaven." 
— Archangel Mikael
Geometric Attractor
of the 
Etheric Temple Frequencies
Six-Pointed Star Geometry