Welcome and thank you for sharing the "adventure" with me. My spirit name is Elaya.

I have been given four names in my life. My given name at birth is Anita. In 1989, 'Mikah' and 'Elaya' came through while I was in Mount Shasta. The last name, Starwalker, was given to me in 1993 via the teachings of Brooke Medicine Eagle. It originates from the Lineage of the Starwalkers, as reported by William Henry, and strongly supports my pre-birth memories. Starwalker has served me well, as a bridge to Mikah and Elaya ... my higher vibrational names ... which I had to prepare for. 

The Crystal StarGrid journey describes the beginning of a multi-dimensional personal quest. Not only has this journey transformed my life, but the essence of my being as well. It is an ongoing quest into the Oneness of all Life. However, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go back a few years .... 
Since childhood, Elaya connected strongly with Lord Mikaël. She flew throughout the Light Realms with her wondrous companion. However, it wasn't until 1978, while studying metaphysics in Vancouver, BC, that Elaya learned of the location of Lord Mikael's earthly Temple in the Canadian Rockies. In 1984, she began earnestly seeking contact with the Great Archangel.
Her annual summer pilgrimages to the "Temple" turned into a five-year quest, which ultimately led to contact with beloved Mikael in Mount Shasta, California, in the spring of 1989. Directives were then given for the execution of the StarGrid shown on the map (right). You will note that this grid overlays Banff, Kootenay and Yoho National Parks. The green line that runs through the grid is the 
Continental Divide.
The Temple of 
Illumined Faith & Protection 
is located in the etheric, overlaying the 
world-renowned Heritage Parks 
of the Canadian Rockies. 

In 1989, following directives received in 
Mt. Shasta, CA, a Crystal StarGrid was created. One hundred and forty-five kms in diameter, 
(90 miles), the Grid reflects the Temple Proper, and is centered in Paradise Valley, adjacent 
to Lake Louise in Banff National Park. 
The Resonance of the Greater Temple 
extends well beyond these boundaries.
The Stargrid initiated a profound personal journey in Elaya's life, which continues to open many doors. The Temple receives many seekers annually, desiring to reconnect with the Higher Realms of Spirit and the Divine Nature of Mother Earth.
Since childhood, when I regularly flew through cosmic space in the company of radiant Light Beings, I was destined to seek out the Presence of a Great Being of Light known to me as Archangel Mikaël. In 1984, I lived in Vancouver, BC. While planning a 4-day backcountry mountain-water fast in Canada's Rockies, I located a peak named Michael on a Yoho Park map. The peak is situated on the north slope of a saddle between Yoho Valley and Emerald Lake."YOHO" is a Cree word which means "AWE". As I examined the map, I had a powerful insight that Michael Peak was the starting point of my angelic quest. This would be my first solo wilderness outing, a grand adventure for this city girl! 
Crystal StarGrid
Left: Elaya at the Abode of Angels - Moraine Lake - August, 2007
Photo credit Nancy Faulkner
"The Union"
Mandala by Ronel Duvenage of South Africa
While hiking below Michael Peak, with the spectacular panorama of Yoho Valley below, and the 1,000-foot drop of Takakkaw Falls across the valley, I received Lord Mikaël's initial telepathic communication. In picture form, I was shown the size of His great retreat, which extends northward into Jasper National Park, and southward to include Columbia Lake — the headwaters of the Columbia River in the East Kootenays of British Columbia. 

During this hike, I met a man who happened to start up the trail when I did. Earlier, as I chatted with the hostel keeper, he drove up in a car bearing Virginia license plates. I wondered about this man as he headed up the trail just ahead of me carrying no water, no hat or daypack, and wearing street shoes with crepe soles. Did he understand where he was going? Hiking can be extremely arduous and the weather very unpredictable in the mountains. One must be prepared, I thought to myself as I followed him up the trail. 

The Yoho Lake trail begins with 13 switchbacks taking hikers up a steep rise to the saddle above. My first stop was at the lake. My companion hiker and I had exchanged greetings as we meandered up the switchbacks, taking short rests here and there, then parted at the lake. He said he was venturing across the saddle because he wanted to view Emerald Lake from this high vantage point. I had a snack, then prepared myself for an encounter with the lightfield of Lord Mikaël by doing ritual and meditation. I then carried on northward into the high scree towards Michael Peak.

As I approached an area in close proximity to the peak, my friendly co-hiker re-appeared out of the forest below. He greeted me and expressed how he loved being above the treeline, where he could view the entire panorama before him. He then asked if he could walk with me as we strolled together for a distance. I agreed. We found a large flat rock and sat down, amazed and mesmerized by the wonder of our spectacular surroundings. [Link to Gallery]

After a short chat, I learned that he was a Teacher from Cyprus, spending his summer vacation touring North America. His "last task before returning home", he said, would be to "connect with the Theosophical Society". My ears perked up and I enquired why. He casually replied, "I have two manuscripts that I want them to publish." "What are they about? I asked. 

"Oh ... about Creation, RNA, DNA ... stuff like that!" was his reply. Considering myself a budding metaphysician, I pursued more information. It was not by chance that I had this encounter, but I didn't fully understand its significance until fifteen years later! 

For the next two hours, as we sat on that large rock in the high scree above the treeline under Michael Peak, I was instructed on the above-mentioned subjects by this amazing teacher. Later as we parted, he said, "You won't remember all that ... but when you need it, it will come back to you!" My last memory of him is of the back of his head as he spoke these words, while quickly heading down the trail ahead of me. 

This is an excellent  example of my numerous "uncommon" experiences during the next 5 years while wandering the Temple. I also mastered my fear of bears quickly and this great and gentle creature soon became a totem of protection to me. 

And so began my quest of the Beloved Archangel in the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies. All my free time for five summers was spent hiking, camping, listening, seeking, and marvelling at the wonders that were placed upon my path in the Temple. It was a humbling experience to say the least, as I made contact and was often overwhelmed with such inexplicable love, followed by profound gratitude. I felt completely committed to seeking out the Archangel, yet my Soul knew this journey was ultimately leading me back home to my Self.

One day, while trekking in the Temple under Mikaël's guidance, I was given more knowledge regarding His Sacred Temple. Certain locations within the Temple drew me like magnets. It wasn't until several years following the completion of the stargrid, that the Archangel made it abundantly clear that there were twelve Sacred Sites within this Holy Retreat. To date, nine locations have been revealed and confirmed.

How I came to do this work and what it means to me are thoughts I will surely ponder for years to come. Welcome to my journey . . . .
Frequent Sacred Sites visitor, Ron Psikla, with the spellbinding panorama of Takakkaw Falls in Yoho Valley
Yoho National Park, BC.  -  Photo Credit Val Huston