The Bugaboos
Work Begins on 
the Star Geometry
A Bugaboo Crystal

Once the Centre stone was laid in Paradise Valley, the points of the grid seemed to get planted in spite of me. The southwest location provided the easiest access of all the points. It was a short hike along a creek, south of the dirt road leading to Bugaboo Lodge, a resort world-famous for heli-skiing.

The crystal to be seeded at this site was found in the area, and so it was returned to the Bugaboos at the designated grid coordinate. This crystal was offered for the gridwork by a dear friend, Amy Nold, who accompanied me to this location on July 21st.
Many mountain climbers and heli-skiers come annually to this spectacular and challenging mountain landscape, perhaps subconsciously guided to the Temple to bask in its splendour. Bugaboo Spire at centre - a dream climb for aspiring alpinists.
- Photo courtesy of Ron Psikla and Val Huston -
Spires of the Bugaboos
Spires looking 
much like hands 
held in prayer.

Hikers are dwarfed 
by their lofty vista 
on a beautiful 
sunny day in the Bugaboos.

Southwest Point
Another view of the
Bugaboo Spire.
Val Huston in foreground.
- Photo courtesy of Ron Psikla
 and Val Huston -
Left: A typical backcountry
mountain road
Below: Bugaboo Waterfall
- Photo courtesy of Ron Psikla
 and Val Huston -
Below: Some of the famous spires of the Bugaboos