Invite your host of angels to be with you as you open to receive Their Blessing.

You may see yourself seated with your angels surrounding you, or strolling with them. Perhaps you see yourself floating in your Sacred Space together. Use your imagination to create the situation that will enhance your experience. 

Take a look around. 
Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Listen to your thoughts as you converse 
with your beloved Angels. 

Breathe into the moment 
. . . feel your emotions . . . 
What are you feeling? . . .

What are your angels communicating to you?

What are you asking of your Angels?

What is it that you really want to know about yourself?

Patiently and humbly . . . allow the answers to come . . . 
Then . . . take the insights you receive into the stillpoint within . . . 
your Inner Temple of Wisdom. 
Spend some time there . . . reflecting on the Gift of Wisdom received.

~ You are encouraged to keep a journal of your Temple journeys ~
The Paradise Valley trail breaks out of the forest above Annette Lake, onto a huge rock slide, on the north slope of Mount Temple where this photo was taken. From this vantage point, the view is breathtaking!  The panorama of Paradise Valley is unforgettable. 

When the Great Archangel Mikaël originally came to this plane we call Earth, His Temple was actually a physical structure, where Humankind came to be renewed. The material plane was not as dense as we know it today. This was a time before our ancestors lost awareness of their Light.

The Temple was magnificent ... a shining, golden, circular dome brilliant as the Sun. Precious rarefied crystals adorned its surface, and radiated all dimensional frequencies of Light through their Divine Geometry. As wondrous as this Temple was, Its Essence transcended even the Beauty of its structure. From this Blessed Temple, all manner of Angelic Messengers went about their divine Work in the Ray of Absolute Unswerving Faith in God. This powerful Ray continues to radiate through all substance of Mother Earth in Her Evolutions. 

The Temple was a mystical realm of radiant Love and renewal. Humans dedicated to maintaining the Divine Plan on Earth, came to the Temple to be recharged and rejuvenated. They left with a clear focus and greater commitment to continue their Earthwork. 

In those early days upon Mother Earth, Archangel Mikaël and His Legions lovingly guided and protected Humanity ... as they still do to this day. However, in that long ago time, the Angels walked among us. We joyfully strolled along and interacted with Them, seeking solace and inspiration.

Many came to the Temple to make contact with the powerful Electronic Pattern of Light of Archangel Mikaël. His Radiant Energy Field permeated their beings, giving them the strength, determination and Love, to continue their divine service. Lord Mikaël's Presence and His Temple were the ultimate expression of Heaven on Earth!

As Human Nature densified, choices were made which led to separation. In our ancestors' growing ignorance, they began to lose sight of the majestic Presence of Lord Mikaël and His Angelic Host. They were losing part of themselves, as the veil began to shroud their memory. Similarly, the ability to see the Elementals, Pegasus, Unicorns and the Little People was lost. Sadly, they embraced matter to the point where they even lost sight of the Divine Light within each other.

These changes did not interfere with the ongoing loving work of the Angelic Host. Through their Faith and Trust in the Absolute Power and Love of our Most Radiant Source I AM, They continue to this day, to radiate the Light of Protection, Truth, Compassion, and Love to Mother Earth and all of her creatures..


Due to the sweeping changes that are occurring on our beloved Planet at this auspicious time, Lord Mikaël, Lady Faith and the Legions of Light have stepped up communications. Many Lightworkers on Planet Earth are awakening to this "Clarion Call". 

Under Lord Mikaël 's guidance, a Crystal Stargrid was set in place during the summer of 1989, encompassing the Temple proper. Lord Mikaël let it be known, that this grid was set to reclaim this earthly Sacred Space, and to open the portals once again in anticipation of our reunion. 

All who long for Spiritual Freedom are invited to visit the Temple of Illumined Faith & Protection. This journey may be taken in the etheric, in virtual space, or by physically visiting the tangible majesty of Lord Mikaël's Realm in the Canadian Rockies. 

Our Beloved Host has designated nine powerful Sacred Sites within the Stargrid. At such portals, fields of Light coalesce, and contact with the Archangelic Realm is possible for those who come with pure intent.

Archangel Mikael to Elaya (1989) —
"This Grid will amplify the radiations emanating from Our Etheric Temple to further Our ongoing Work. The StarGrid geometry sets an energy field, in preparation for the great events which herald the end of the present cycle and the beginning of a New Era. The coming Golden Age does not only affect Planet Earth, but this entire Universe. 

We wish to make our Presence known to all Humanity, through the final clearing of confusion and fear, when We will finally be allowed to walk among you once again.

"You cannot yet grasp the enormity of your Heritage. You can only imagine what is in store for you. Know, Dear One, that you are loved beyond words!" 
The Temple
Take a moment 
now . . . 

Visualize yourself in your own personal Sacred Space. 

Take some deep breaths . . . and relax your body . . . "ahh!"
Elaya at the Holy of Holies, where Mikael's Crystal is buried. 
Temple Centre, Paradise Valley, Banff National Park
TEMPLE CENTRE - Upper Paradise Valley, 
Banff National Park
  —  Photo Courtesy of Ron Psikla & Val Huston —